6 Most American-Made SUVs for 2022

The most recent 2022 Cars.com American-Made Index is out, and the options have increased over the last year. These are some of the most American-made SUVs for 2022, and surprisingly enough, the Tesla Model Y leads the way. Don’t overlook all of the options from Honda, though.

The Tesla Model Y is the most American-made SUV for 2022

The most American-made SUVs for 2022
The Tesla Model Y electric SUV in white | Tesla

Sitting at the top of the list, the Tesla Model Y is the most American-made SUV for 2022. Tesla builds the Model Y in Fremont, California, or Austin, Texas, depending on a few specifications in your build. Cars.com placed the Tesla Model 3 sedan in second place for 2022. The M3 slid down one spot to make room for the MY.

The Lincoln Corsair is one of the most American-made SUVs for 2022

The automaker considers the Lincoln Corsair SUV a small luxury sport utility vehicle. Lincoln now makes this vehicle in Louisville, Kentucky. While the Corsair is on the most American-made SUV for 2022 list in third place, it actually came in 64th last year as the MKC. The automaker changed the name and makes the Corsair at the Louisville Assembly Plant.

Alabama has the keys to the Honda Passport SUV

For the Honda Passport SUV, production takes place in Lincoln, Alabama now. This American-made SUV moved up five spots for 2022. All the Honda vehicles on the list (Ridgeline, Odyssey, and Pilot) are also made at the Honda Manufacturing of Alabama (HMA) factory. Some of these Honda vehicles have been produced at the factory since 2001, when it opened.

The Tesla Model X is a new addition to this list of American-made SUVs for 2022

The Tesla Model X electric SUV snagged the sith spot on this list of American-made SUVs for 2022. It is made in Fremont at one of the Tesla factories. Tesla now makes the Model 3, Y, S, and X in California, but new plants are slated to open soon. The Giga Texas operation in Austin makes the Tesla Model Y Lithium-ion batteries and will make the Tesla Cybertruck (one day).

The Jeep Cherokee is an American SUV made in Illinois

Coming in at seventh place is the Jeep Cherokee SUV. Jeep makes the Cherokee in Belvidere, Illinois. Thanks to the addition of all the Tesla models, the Cherokee dropped a few places. This is the only Jeep to make the top 20 for this year. The Jeep Gladiator, Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Wagoneer, and Grand Wagoneer are made in Toledo, Ohio, or Warren, Michigan, but are toward the end of the list.

Don’t forget the Honda Pilot sport utility vehicle


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Next up is the Honda Pilot SUV, coming in 10th as the most American-made SUV for 2022. The Pilot SUV is also made in the HMA factory in Lincoln, Alabama. Last year, this Honda SUV came in eighth place. The Pilot is a midsize SUV that has three rows, giving buyers even more room for an American road trip.

The list of American-made SUVs for 2022 is dominated by the Tesla and Honda brands. Furthermore, six of the top 10 vehicles are SUVs. It is clear that Americans like these Tesla and Honda SUVs and producing each one in the country simply makes sense.