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Tesla doesn’t have an extensive lineup by any means, but it does have a new version of the Model Y electric SUV. This week, a new version of the 2022 Tesla Model Y showed up on the Environmental Protection Agency website this week. Is there a new variety hitting the market soon?

There is a new 2022 Tesla Model Y electric SUV on the block

A new Tesla Model Y electric SUV popped up
A Tesla Model Y electric SUV is seen in a production hall of the Tesla Gigafactory | Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

Someone at Inside EVs noticed that a new Tesla Model Y version had popped up on the Environmental Protection Agency website. There are currently four versions of the 2022 Model Y listed with various ranges. The first is the rear-wheel-drive with a combined city and highway MPGe of 129 miles and a total range of 244 miles. Tesla has semi-retired this version because Elon Musk said the range was too short. The 2022 Model Y Long Range all-wheel drive has 122 MPGe and a range of 330 miles.

Next up is the Model Y Performance AWD, which has 111 MPGe and a total range of 303 miles. The EPA lists the new version as the 2022 Tesla Model Y AWD with a combined MPGe of 123 and 279 miles of range.

Tesla hasn’t updated the website with this new version, nor has it said anything about it. Is this supposed to be the new entry-level version since the RWD one isn’t available anymore?

This Tesla Model Y version could use a LFP cell instead of the 4680 battery cells

According to a recent Teslarati article, Tesla recently requested approval from the EPA for a new Model Y electric SUV variant. For it to have appeared on the site, the EPA must have approved the EV already. Tesla has been working on this version at the new Austin Gigafactory. It was supposed to use the new 4680 battery cells and the new structural battery pack, but the 279 miles of range seem to dispute that information.

The automaker said that the new 4680 battery cells would be made in the California factory and would be used in the new Model Y at first. The anticipated number was 1,200 Model Y vehicles with the 4680 battery cells. The information on the EPA website seems to indicate this version uses the LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) cell, which is going to be the new standard battery type.

Tesla submitted the new 2022 Model Y to the Environmental Protection Agency on Feb. 2. On Feb. 16, the EPA gave the automaker a Certificate of Conformity. Presumably, this means EPA gave the new Model Y approval.

The EV maker is on a roll right now

That’s not all, though. Tesla appears to have submitted a second application for another Model Y at the end of last month. The EPA has not approved this one yet, but that could happen soon. The new 279-mile version could appear for sale as early as this week. Since there have been such significant delays across all facets of vehicle production, perhaps these new battery packs will speed up the process.

For now, keep an eye out for a third Tesla Model Y to pop up on the website. Right now, the Long Range AWD and Performance are available. This new AWD version will likely pop up soon, but you never know with Tesla.


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