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The 2023 Honda Passport is one of the best midsize SUVs offered. Based on the popular three-row Pilot, the Honda Passport has a shorter wheelbase which makes it more capable on the trails. If you want a trail-riding Honda SUV, look to the Passport TrailSport. Across the trims of this Honda SUV, you’ll enjoy several cool features; here are six of them.

1. The 2023 Honda Passport has standard AWD

Not all midsize SUVs have power going to all four wheels, but this feature makes the Passport one of the best midsize SUV models in its class. This system has settings for Snow, Sand, and Mud, offering adjustments for traction control, throttle response, and the gears to meet the terrain.

2. Wireless charging is standard in this Honda SUV

Wireless charging is one of the most useful features offered in the auto market, but it’s not even standard on all high-end luxury vehicles. Somehow, this useful tech item is a standard feature in the 2023 Honda Passport, making it easy to keep your smartphone charged without bringing a cord along.

3. The Passport locks and unlocks based on your location

2023 Honda Passport Trailsport Ripping Up a Rugged Trail
2023 Honda Passport TrailSport Ripping Up a Rugged Trail | Honda

Honda programmed the Passport with a feature to detect the location and proximity of the vehicle’s key fob. You don’t need to remember to lock the doors; the Passport does it for you while you’re walking away. On the other hand, as you approach this Honda SUV, the doors unlock and offer easy access. This feature is standard on the higher two trims of this midsize SUV.

4. Honda provides a useful infotainment system in the 2023 Passport

Although the screen is on the small side, every version of this SUV has an 8-inch touchscreen, satellite radio, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. These are the connectivity features most consumers desire, and they are found in every trim level of this Honda SUV.

5. Add the “L” to your Passport for the best midsize SUV experience

Leather Interior 2023 Honda Passport EX-L
Leather Interior 2023 Honda Passport EX-L | Honda

The “L” at the end of the EX-L trim means you’ve got leather upholstery and a leather-wrapped steering wheel at this trim level of the 2023 Honda Passport. This relatively affordable trim is only one step above the base EX model. Most mainstream models don’t offer leather until the highest trim, but not this Honda.

6. Every 2023 Honda Passport has a powered tailgate

This midsize SUV has a powered tailgate at every trim, but if you want a hands-free version, you’ll need to choose the top Elite trim. The power operation makes it easy to push a button and walk away while the tailgate lowers for you, offering this SUV a bit of a luxurious feeling.

Is the Honda Passport good on snow and ice?

2022 Honda Passport Takes on the Desert
2022 Honda Passport Takes on the Desert | Honda

Honda offers this AWD system which also employs the Intelligent Traction Management system to ensure stability and driving confidence on snow, ice, or other terrains. There’s a setting labeled Snow to ensure the vehicle can perform best on the cold white stuff.

Is it worth it to drive the 2023 Honda Passport?

2023 Honda Passport on a Camping Trip
2023 Honda Passport on a Camping Trip | Honda

The latest version of the Passport is one of the best midsize SUV models, ranking third by U.S. News. This SUV offers an impressive V6 engine and a composed ride. It also brings an array of excellent features and a spacious cabin to your drive.

Next, check out the rugged 2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport, or learn more about the 2023 Honda Passport in the video below: