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Isn’t the Honda Passport just a shorter version of the Pilot?  Can you truly take the Passport out on some of the toughest trails and enjoy a dynamic off-road experience?  As much as it might be difficult to believe, the Passport is made for the adventures you want to experience, and it is one of the most useful midsize two-row SUVs that you can drive.

Before we get into the places where you can take this Honda SUV, let’s look at some of the characteristics that make it a true off-roader.

Numbers matter and Honda Passport SUV has them

Rearview of Honda Passport SUV, Walnut Creek, California, January 30, 2020. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

Compared to the Pilot, the Honda Passport brings you more ground clearance than the larger Pilot, and it has a shorter wheelbase.  The Passport is six inches shorter than its larger sibling, making it more capable out on the trails when faced with tough obstacles.  This is the most important factor in taking a Honda SUV from a three-row family hauler to a two-road off-road machine that can handle some of the toughest trails found in Moab, Utah.

Toughness found in the Honda Passport

Honda Passport on the Rocks
Honda Passport on the Rocks | Honda

The team at Motor Trend took this SUV and put it through its paces when it was first introduced.  The drive around Moab took place on the Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, which are some of the toughest places to drive any vehicle.  With approach and departure angles that measure 21.4 and 27.6 degrees, respectively, the Passport performed extremely well.  This gave us the thought that it could probably handle more trails around the country.

Days of driving found in Death Valley with the Honda Passport

Take your Passport to Death Valley National Park in California, and you’re going to find close to 1,000 miles of paved and dirt roads that will give you the wilderness views and adventure you’re after.  There are some incredible places to take your SUV off the paved roads and put the AWD system to the test.  Visit Modoc mine and the Charcoal Kilns when you’re in the Wildrose Canyon area of this amazing park.

A northern adventure in The UP; perfect for this Honda SUV

Trail in Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Trail in Upper Peninsula of Michigan | Wild ATV

“The UP” is also known as the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which is a unique area of the country.  Michigan is the only state in the country with the type of separation of parts o the state that gives you such a place to visit.  Many off-road enthusiasts plan their adventures in this area to enjoy the amazing trails and fun offered through the forests and lake beds.  Your Honda Passport will fit right in with this crowd.

Pull your ATVs to Sawtooth with the Passport

Sawtooth National Recreation Area
Sawtooth National Recreation Area | USDA

There are some trails in Sawtooth National Recreation Area that are wide enough for your Honda Passport to drive, but this area of Idaho is more suited to single-track trail riding on ATVs.  Thankfully, this Honda can tow up to 3,500 pounds, which means you’ll be able to pull a couple of ATVs to this beautiful area in Idaho to experience the amazing trails offered during your wilderness adventures.

West Virginia is a state covered in off-road adventure trails

Off-Road Trail in West Virginia
Off-Road Trail in West Virginia | Core 4×4

If you’ve ever driven on the roads through West Virginia, you know this state is covered in hills, mountains, and beautiful natural areas.  Thankfully, there are thousands of miles of off-road trails in West Virginia. This makes it easy for you to have some fun with your Passport.  Check out the Hatfield & McCoy Trail System. This system offers more than 500 miles of trails running through five different counties.

Let your Honda Passport bring you freedom

Honda Passport SUV posed on rocks
Honda Passport SUV | Honda

Have you been searching for an SUV that works great for your daily drive? Do you also want that SUV to give you off-road fun and freedom in the outdoors?  The Honda Passport can be the SUV that you want to drive.  With the right AWD system, an excellent build, and the ruggedness required, you’ll be ready to take on the trails with this Honda SUV.  Let freedom ring for you in the Honda Passport.

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This article was updated on 8/14/2022.


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