Are We Really Getting a Hybrid 2023 Honda Passport SUV?

The Honda Passport is a unique model in the lineup. This SUV promises to take you out on the trails while also being mild-mannered on the roads. Recently, more than just a few rumors have surfaced that lead to the thought there might be a hybrid version of this SUV arriving sometime in 2023. Nothing is confirmed yet, so don’t hold your breath thinking the Honda Passport Hybrid is ready to be your next SUV.

What should we expect if a hybrid Honda Passport SUV arrives?

Light Blue 2023 Honda Passport TrailSport riding on a dirt trail
2023 Honda Passport TrailSport | Honda

Honda has yet to confirm a hybrid powertrain for the Passport. Still, some reports tell us that such a vehicle exists. The expected difference between a traditional Passport and a hybrid model would be an increase in power and efficiency.

Currently, the Passport uses a 3.5-liter V6 engine attached to a 9-speed automatic transmission to return 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. Adding a hybrid electric motor could increase this output to 300 horsepower.

The non-hybrid version of this SUV offers an average of 20 city/25 hwy mpg. If a hybrid powertrain arrives, it should improve these numbers.

What type of hybrid powertrain will Honda offer?

Honda Passport TrailSport on a dirt road
Honda Passport TrailSport | Honda

Honda has a stated goal of two-thirds of their American sales coming from hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and EV sales by 2030. This doesn’t answer the question because we don’t know what type of hybrid engine the Passport SUV could receive. A traditional hybrid could add more power and fuel mileage to the Passport. If a plug-in hybrid is what Honda gives us, then some all-electric driving is part of the equation.

What does the 2023 Honda Passport offer?

Honda Passport SUV posed on rocks
Honda Passport SUV | Honda

The 2023 model year represents a mid-cycle refresh for the Passport SUV. You’ll see a bolder and more aggressive front end with new bumper and grille designs. The mechanical aspects of the Passport include a slight change to the suspension to offer a more engaging ride.

When you drive the Honda Passport, the ride should be a little smoother and more comfortable than in previous versions. The 2023 model gives you the ground clearance of 8.1 inches and the benefits of torque-vectoring AWD for some off-road fun.

Are there any interior upgrades to the Passport?

2023 Honda Passport Cabin
2023 Honda Passport Cabin | Honda

The interior of the 2023 Honda Passport continues on with the same style as before. That’s not a problem for most buyers; this SUV already delivers a comfortable, well-designed cabin with lots of room for passengers and cargo. The rear area with the seats up measures 41.2 cubic feet, and with the rear seats folded, this space expands to 77.7 cubic feet.

When will we see a Honda Passport Hybrid?

Blue 2023 Honda Passport TrailSport Posed Outdoors
2023 Honda Passport TrailSport | Honda

The answer to this question is a mystery to all of us right now. Hopefully, a hybrid version of the Passport SUV will join the 2023 lineup, but that’s not been confirmed yet. If we learn more about a hybrid powertrain for the Passport, we will update this article and provide that information once it’s available.

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