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If you enjoy traveling, a home on wheels using a camper trailer may be the right choice for you. If you like the idea of RV camping but don’t want to spend a fortune on a large vehicle, towable RVs are an excellent option.

Did you know there are camper trailers in the market that don’t require you to tow with a pickup truck? In other words, you can buy a small RV that doesn’t require paying for special storage options.

According to Camping World, here are five good camper trailers you can tow with an SUV. Just be sure to double-check your vehicle’s towing capacity before you buy.

First up on the list, the Forest River NoBo

Good camper trailers pulled by SUVs in the forest.
RVs pulled by SUVs | Getty Images

Forest River’s No Boundaries line of travel trailers has something for everyone. These trailers are light enough to be pulled by a variety of SUVs. Their size ranges from 13 to 25 feet, depending on your needs.

Not only is this trailer line small, but they are rugged. You don’t have to worry about going off-roading because they have higher ground clearance and strong tires.

Check out TAXA Cricket & Mantis

You can store the TAXA Cricket and Mantis in your garage when you’re not using them since they feature a pop-up roof.

The Cricket, for example, is 15 feet, has a dry weight of 1,732 pounds, and a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating GVWR of 2,500 pounds. If you need something a bit bigger, consider the Mantis. It’s 19 feet long, features 3,020 pounds of dry weight, and has a GVWR of 4,000 pounds. The best part? The founder used to be a designer at NASA.

The Airstream Basecamp is small and well-equipped

The smallest Airstream model is the Basecamp—but it can still hold some of your outdoor toys, like kayaks. It measures 16 feet three inches in length and weighs 3,500 pounds. These models are small and functional. Plus, the footprint can be extended with rear or side tents. The Basecamp X has more off-roading capabilities if you’re looking for something a little more rugged.

The Forest River r-pod is a fan favorite

Are you looking for a small rig? Consider the Forest River r-pod. These r-pods measure between 18 feet 4 inches to 22 feet 2 inches. The Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) ranges from 2,342 to 3,578 pounds, while the Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) ranges from 900 to 1,390 pounds. So, if you plan on parking at a campsite, it’s a perfect size. Inside, it’s equipped with a queen bed, living space, kitchen, and bath.

The Jayco Hummingbird is fun-sized and fun

The Hummingbird is a lightweight model made by Jayco. These travel trailers range from 13 to 20 feet. Their weight varies between 2,000 pounds to 3,950 pounds, depending on the option you buy. Since it’s small, it’s excellent for a trip down to the lake, and you’ll be able to fit it at any campsite. Inside, the layout is innovative, making it a great option for those looking for comfort.


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