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An RV experience is a lot of fun and can let you see the country at your own speed, without the hassles and expense of plane tickets, hotel rooms, and eating out for every meal. However, they can also take some getting used to. Unless you’re already an experienced RV traveler, you’re probably not used to a house on wheels that comes with a few unique challenges.

Dark closets, decor that goes flying when you turn a corner, headbangingly low doorways, and unsuspected flat tires that are ruining your expensive ride are just some of those challenges. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few RV tips that will make life on the road a lot more pleasant and driving an RV less dangerous.

1. Add some light as a simple RV tip

RV sitting behind an area of flowers that may need 4 RV tips to make your experience even better.
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Outdoorsy has some great tips for making life on the road safer and more enjoyable. Let’s start with lighting. Most RVs could use some extra light in tight spots like closets, pantries, and other storage areas in your RV. Why fumble around trying to find what you need when it’s easy to add a few motion-activated LED lights to those dark areas?

They’re fairly affordable, easy to install, and available in configurations to fit any area where you need extra light. Best of all, they’re long-lasting and use very little electricity so they won’t drain your batteries.

2. Anchor flying decor is an important RV tip

Decor can make your RV feel more like a real home. However, it can also go flying through the air or slide off counters if you don’t anchor it properly. Jared Gillis from YouTube’s All About RVs channel recommends securing your decor with Command hooks and strips, Velcro, heavy-duty double-sided Nano tape, museum putty, super strong neodymium magnets, and grippy shelf liner.

Just choose the product that’s the right fit for each decorative item and anchor it in place, and be secure in knowing that it will arrive intact at your next destination.

3. Cushion those headbanger spots

Low doorways are just one of the places you’re apt to hit your head in an RV. Cabinets often have obnoxiously sharp corners, protruding handles, and doors that just seem to lie in wait for the unwary. Add in several people opening those doors in tight spaces and a nasty head bump is simply a matter of time. 

You can avoid some of that pain by adding some creative cushioning or at least a warning marker of some sort. Drape that low doorway with a small swag of greenery festooned with fairy lights and you’re more likely to remember to duck. Add other decor to cabinet doors so they’re more easily seen when swinging open suddenly. Not only will you save some painful headaches, but your RV will look nicer, too.

4. Monitor your RV’s tires


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A flat tire on your RV can cause extensive damage to your rig before you even realize what’s happening. It can also potentially ruin your towed vehicle by dragging it down the road rather than pulling it. It could even cause a potentially devastating accident.

Even if you’ve followed Consumer Reports’ tips for choosing the right RV tires, you should still install a good quality tire-monitoring system with sensors on each tire of both your RV and towed vehicles to prevent a disaster from happening. A TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) isn’t cheap, but neither is the potential damage that could occur without one.

Follow these RV tips and you’ll get more enjoyment out of your next RV adventure, stay safer, and avoid some of the headaches that can accompany life on four wheels.