Maximize Your RV Storage Space in These Simple Ways

When using an RV for an extended period of time, people become aware that storage space is hard to come by. It is a challenge people encounter right away. So, maximizing the space in the RV becomes a valuable thing to do. For some, the less cluttered a space is, the greater the emotional peace of mind. So, the more organization there is to the clutter, the better. Here are some tips that can help take care of an RV space.

Kings of the RV: Storage bins and shoe organizers

A campsite is set up under the canopy attached to a white Hyundai Porest RV.
Hyundai’s first RV, the Porest | Asian Petrolhead via Youtube

Plastic storage bins and shoe organizers are the kings of storage maximization in RVs. Storage bins come in all sizes and colors to fit the appropriate space and decor. So, they can be used in the kitchen just as easily as they can be used to store office supplies.

Shoe organizers are not just for shoes. Use a shoe organizer to free up drawer space by filling the shoe slots with towels, kids’ toys, school supplies, or just about anything. Of course, shoe organizers can also help reduce the pile of shoes, boots, and flip flops in the middle of the floor too!

Under the cabinet of your RV

Many people are accustomed to placing things in cabinets. But, the space under the cabinet can be utilized for storage as well. Under-cabinet hooks are a good place for coffee mugs to be placed. Racks can also be attached under the cabinets for storage. For example, a spice rack can swing open downward like a jewelry box. They have their top attached to the cabinet and drop the bottom to reveal the spices. Also, wine glass racks can be added under cabinets.

A pegboard wall in the kitchen of the RV

Pop-up camper set up in a campsite complete with a campfire
Campers set up the pop-up camper and campfire at the Agua Caliente State Campsite in the Anzo Borrego Desert outside of San Diego, California | Sandy Huffaker/Corbis via Getty Images

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Pegboard can be very useful for maximizing space in an RV. They can also be painted or covered to match the decor. Installation is a matter of cutting to fit the pegboard material and then attaching it with screws, adhesive, or adhesive strips. Or, get the fancy pre-cut stainless steel pegboard

Hanging baskets, cradles, and hammocks

Hanging baskets can be used to place fruits or vegetables in. This gets the fruit up off the counter and into a more controlled environment. No more roll-away concerns. 

Create a hat hanger for storage

Baseball hats tend to accumulate. But aside from tossing them arbitrarily about the room or the closet, there is no good storage. But, there is an inexpensive solution. Shower rod rings can be placed on the bottom dowel of a clothes hanger. Then just slide the hats in and out of the hanging shower rings. Just that quickly, the solution to storing hats has been resolved. They can be neatly tucked away in the closet. 

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This list of tips to maximize storage in an RV is by no means comprehensive. It is, however, a beginning to clearing clutter and restoring some emotional peace of mind through order. Storage bins, shoe holders, under cabinet racks and hooks, installing pegboard, using hanging baskets or hammocks, and creating a hat hanger are relatively simple things to do. But, the end result will be an RV environment that will be more appealing. Tread lightly my friends, and have fun.