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In a pinch, most cars are capable of towing 1,000 lbs. But if you’re after an adventure without purchasing a whole new camping rig or RV, look to these ultralight camping trailers. Sure, they’re not going to be remarkably spacious or ridiculously luxurious. But if you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway, these camper shells should serve you well.

The SoCal Buzz is the simplest a camper trailer can get

SoCal Lightweight Camper Trailer
SoCal Lightweight Camper Trailer | SoCal
Camper:SoCal Buzz
Trailer Dry Weight:670 lbs
Tongue Dry Weight:100 lbs

With a dry weight of 670 lbs, this is about as simple as a teardrop camper can get. It has a couple of shelves, a 12-volt outlet, room for two adults, and space for cooking. You’ll just have to purchase your own cooking equipment. In truth, it’s just a sheltered bed on wheels, and there really isn’t room inside for much else. But it can be yours for $11,235 and easily towed by your car.

The ProLite Suite is the lightest of the bunch

Camper:ProLite Suite
Trailer Dry Weight:590 lb
Tongue Dry Weight:55 lb

Built by Canadian company Roulottes-Prolite, the Suite is the lightest of the campers on this list, weighing in at just 590 lbs. The folding sofa can also be turned into a bed, big enough to sleep two adults. And there are mounts inside and outside the camper shell to create tables or workstations. There are even optional electric brakes, a feature none of the other trailers on this list have. However, it’ll cost you 14,650 dollars (though, if those are Canadian dollars, that’d only be $11,652, but that’s unclear).

Another camper available from ProLite is the Eco 12, which is equipped with more goodies than the Suite. With a dry weight of 825 lbs after adding optional features, you can have it with a stovetop, minifridge, and lavatory. It also offers 6-foot ceilings. Though, these added luxuries will run you somewhere around $20,000.

The Avan Weekender is available with a slide-out kitchen

Camper:Avan Weekender
Trailer Dry Weight:850 lbs
Tongue Dry Weight:75 lbs

If you’re OK cooking outside, then the Avan Weekender is the perfect solution. After all, you don’t need a lot of headroom when you’re sleeping at night, just while you’re cooking. The Avan Weekender camper weighs about 850 lbs, comes with a bed for two, and has a sliding kitchen as an option. Three power outlets and a couple of reading lights are scattered throughout. All this, at just $15,000

However, you need to be careful. The Avan Weekender has an 850 lb dry weight. That means if you’re like me and have a car that’ll only tow 100 lbs, you can only put 150 lbs of extra stuff in it while in motion. If you have extra accessories you want to pack, it may be best to put them in the trunk. But pack light, as you don’t want to overload your suspension.

The Taylor Coach 8′ Lil El crams four people and a washroom inside

Camper:Taylor Coach 8′ Lil El
Trailer Dry Weight:750 lbs
Tongue Dry Weight:75 lbs

Unlike the other campers on this list, the Taylor Coach 8′ Lil El can fit four people inside. Using a few overhead bunks, it weighs just 895 lbs with all the options and has an available washroom, fridge, and microwave. In other words, the 8′ Lil El effectively uses the space, providing ample room for four people while being towable by any car. Pricing is available if you contact them, but a trailer of this capacity would likely cost about $20,000.

The SylvanSport Go Camper is more of a tent, but it’s the cheapest of the bunch

SylvanSport Go Popup Camper Tent
SylvanSport Go Popup Camper Tent | SylvanSport
Camper:SylvanSport Go
Trailer Dry Weight:840 lbs
Tongue Dry Weight:100 lbs
Length (Folded):140″
Length (Unfolded):154″
Width (Folded):75″
Width (Unfolded):124″
Height (Folded):52″
Height (Unfolded):105″

If you’re looking for an even more “nomadic flavor” for your camping adventure, then you might want this popup tent. Like a popup camper, the SylvanSport Go will require some setup, but it weighs just 840 lbs. And it costs the least of all the options, at just $10,995. SylvianSport will also sell you an awning and a grill to make your camping experience the best possible.

So whether you can tow 1,000 lbs or 10,000 lbs, now you know which campers are best suited for practically any car. Personally, I’ve been tempted to get away from corporate woes, buy a camper, and explore the country. And now I know which options to look at that won’t require me to buy a new car or an RV.


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