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Did you just buy a Tesla Model Y and can’t help but think of modifying it? Considering we’re car enthusiasts ourselves, we don’t blame you. Although you might not need to modify any Tesla when it comes to performance, you can make some small modifications and customizations to personalize your Model Y. Here are the five most common Tesla Model Y modifications that owners are currently doing.

Carbon fiber center console wrap

While the Tesla Model Y’s interior is beautiful and nicely laid out, one popular complaint among owners is the gloss black center console. At first glance, the gloss black treatment on the center console looks cool and gives it a futuristic touch, however, it can produce a lot of glare from the sun when you’re driving your Model Y.

That being the case, one of the most popular modifications is a center console wrap, typically in carbon fiber. There are plenty of online distributors that make center console wraps in various designs so that you can personalize your Model Y’s interior and get rid of that pesky sun glare and unwanted fingerprints.

A carbon fiber center console wrap for the Tesla Model Y
A carbon fiber center console wrap for the Tesla Model Y | Amazon

Cupholder stabilizer

There are two cupholders in the front center console on the Tesla Model Y. And while they do their job of holding your cups in place, there’s an empty space in between the two cupholder spots that makes it almost impossible to hold in smaller cups and cans.

In order to remedy this tiny issue, you can buy a cupholder stabilizer. This handy little spring-loaded device fills that space between the cupholders to provide a more secure structure when it comes to holding smaller cups and cans. Now, you will no longer have to worry about that can of Red Bull sliding and possibly spilling.

Abstract Ocean cupholder stabilizer
Abstract Ocean cupholder stabilizer | Abstract Ocean

Front window tint

The Tesla Model Y comes with the rear windows tinted from the factory, which is great for the rear seat passengers, but not so much for the people sitting upfront. In that case, one of the most common modifications is to get the front windows tinted to match the rears ones.

Doing so will not only provide privacy and shade for the front seat occupants but matching the color to the rear windows will give it a sleeker and nicer exterior aesthetic.

A Tesla Model Y with front tinted windows
A Tesla Model Y with front tinted windows | Acutint Pro

Screen protector

While the gloss black center console can easily attract dust and fingerprints, so too can the car’s infotainment screen. Just like your phone, or any other screen, the large touchscreen that sits front and center in the Model Y’s interior can get dirty and scratched over time due to extensive use.

Fortunately, companies like Abstract Ocean make a screen protector kit that you can put onto the touchscreen in order to protect the screen from damage and unwanted glare.

Abstract Ocean Model Y screen protector
Abstract Ocean Model Y screen protector | Abstract Ocean

Carbon fiber dash cap

Do you want to cover up the wood trim on the dashboard on your Model Y? If so, there are plenty of dash caps, like this one from Abstract Ocean, that provide a customized look and feel to your Model Y. Also, they will match your car’s center console if you choose to wrap it in carbon fiber as well.


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