The 2021 Tesla Model Y Is the Safest SUV Ever Tested

You can dance if you want to. The 2021 Tesla Model Y can leave your friends behind. Because if your friends don’t dance, and if they don’t dance, they are no friends of the Tesla Model Y. Sorry for that corny intro, but the Tesla Model Y is doing the safety dance as the safest SUV in the history of ever. 

The 2021 Tesla Model Y is the Safest SUV ever 

We apologize if we got safety dance stuck in your head, we were just excited for the 2021 Tesla Model Y. According to The Intelligent Driver, it received the highest SUV safety rating ever. Elon Musk has always put an emphasis on safety and performance. 

An image of a Tesla Model Y out on a race track.
Tesla Model Y | Tesla

Because these electric vehicles have a lower center of gravity thanks to their battery packs, they have a reduced rollover risk and excellent corning capabilities. Their sporty performance doesn’t come with a lack of confidence. 

Both the Model S and Model X have achieved five-star safety ratings from international testing agencies like the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

Then the Tesla Model 3 received higher scores than any other SUV in history for its ability to protect passengers in the cabin. Now the Model 3 can move over because the Model Y has taken the crown. 

How safe is the Telsa Model Y? 

The 2021 Tesla Model Y is the safest SUV ever! This EV received a five-star safety rating in each category tested by the NHTSA. It received an extremely high score during rollover testing, providing the lowest rollover risk for any SUV in history. Its rollover risk is only 7.9-percent, the lowest risk ever recorded by the organization. 

The Tesla Model Y also scored well for its ability to avoid frontal crashes and to protect passengers during collisions. When driving at 35 mph toward an immovable wall, the Model Y offered the best protection in its class. 

Generally, vehicles have a combustion engine in the front, under the hood. The engine typically takes the brunt of the impact, but crumple zones built into the sides prevent the engine compartment from entering the cabin and hitting occupants. 

But in the Model Y, there is no engine in the front. Therefore, engineers have used the front of the vehicle to act as a giant bumper or protective barrier to deflect energy. There are also extra reinforcements added to the sidewalls, skirts of the chassis, and doors to fortify and strengthen the vehicle. 

What safety features come with the Telsa Model Y? 

You can get started in a 2021 Tesla Model Y for about $39,990. Standard safety features for all trim levels include advanced crash-avoidance tech with pedestrian protection.

A white 2021 Tesla Model Y on display
2021 Tesla Model Y | Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Who Should Buy a Tesla Model 3 vs. Model Y?

You get automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and more. Plus, there is automatic emergency braking and a driver drowsiness warning. 

Tesla shared that its goal is to help people prevent avoidable accidents whenever possible. When collisions aren’t preventable, they seek to help mitigate injuries to the fullest extent possible. When the Telsa Model Y isn’t bombproof, it provides advanced safety tech to help keep roads safer.