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The world is becoming electrification crazy. From EV boats and planes to cars, if it moves on water, in the air, or on land, it is getting electrified. You’ve seen the electric hydrofoil boards, but now it is happening to surfing. Yes, a company in Utah is producing an electric surfboard. 

You will no longer need waves, wind, current, or paddling to get up and go. And you’ll get up to 44 mph in the process. It’s the Cyrusher Thunder 66-inch electric surfboard. 

How does this electric surfboard work?

Cyrusher Thunder 54-inch electric surfboard studio shot
Cyrusher Thunder 54-inch electric surfboard | Cyrusher

Cyrusher is known for its electric bicycles, accessories, and motorized skateboards. They’ve been around for more than nine years, so they have a proven track record. They have distribution centers in the U.K. and France, besides its shop in Logan, Utah, and dealers worldwide. 

How the Thunder surfboard works is a 10kW electric motor drives a small carbon fiber jet pump for propulsion. It gets power from a 72-volt and 50-ampere hours battery. That adds up to 3.6 kWh, which gives riders an hour of surfing before it needs a charge. Recharging takes from two to three hours. 

Do you control the electric surfboard with only your weight?

Rider surfing on Cyrusher Thunder 54-inch electric surfboard
Cyrusher Thunder 54-inch electric surfboard | Cyrusher

Control is done, besides shifting your weight as with a standard board, with a hand tether that is hard-wired to the motor. There are also foot bindings to enhance the weight-shifting, which are also part of the package. However, those not familiar with the sport of surfing can still get up and surf on the water using the tether as a support. It is adaptable to any skill level.

Where the surf experience differs from traditional surfing, besides being electric, is with the board’s weight. The Cyrusher Thunder surfboard weighs 40 lbs, with the battery weighing an additional 48.5 lbs. But 88 lbs is still light enough not to need a trailer. And it’s definitely lighter than an electric jet boat.

How much does an electric surfboard cost?

Two Cyrusher Thunder 54-inch electric surfboards sitting on lake
Cyrusher Thunder 54-inch electric surfboard | Cyrusher

Normal surfboards mostly come in at about one pound per foot, which means around six to 10 lbs, give or take. Naturally, thickness, fins, and wax all factor into the overall weight as well. So the 66-inch Thunder is still hefty, which will affect maneuvering. 

And what does all of this watercraft rush cost? You’ll be happy to know that prices are lower. The Thunder sells for $9,999, reduced from its original $11,999 price. That compares favorably to the price of 54-inch hydrofoils, which can be $12,000 or more. And they’re too short to be classified as a surfboard. 

Electricity is good, and it’s great to be living in these technological times that allow EVs to proliferate. Proof of this is electric surfboards. What will be next?


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