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Along with producing high-quality electric vehicles like the R1T and R1S, Rivian aims to create a community of owners and enthusiasts that are passionate about the outdoors. To accomplish this, the EV automaker creates four types of Rivian Spaces: Hub, Seasonal, Outpost, and Preserve. See the differences between each of the Rivian Spaces.

What are Rivian Spaces?

Green Rivian R1T parked next to the Venice Rivian Hub building
Rivian R1T at the Venice Rivian Hub | Rivian

Rivian Spaces are a variety of permanent and temporary facilities, as well as natural lands. They are owned by Rivian and are an interconnected network that is linked by the Rivian Adventure Network DC fast-charging sites. Rivian Spaces are also the platform for the company’s Membership Program and are utilized to attract new customers. Benefits of the Rivian Membership Program include exclusive programming, free charging, special access, and in-person experiences.

The four types of Rivian Spaces include:

  • Hub
  • Seasonal
  • Outpost
  • Preserve

Rivian Hubs 

Girl playing on playground equipment at the Venice Rivian Hub
Venice Rivian Hub | Rivian

Rivian Hubs are located in cities. The first Rivian Hub recently opened in Venice, California. Eventually, Rivian will open Hubs throughout the country. Rivian creates the Hubs to educate people about its vehicles, brand, and values. The Rivian Hubs also are designed to inspire people in urban centers to show an appreciation for the outdoors.

Rivian offers many different events and activities at its Hubs. This includes community events, workshops, a library, gardens, a “bright makers’ space” with creative materials, and a play-space for children.

Rivian Seasonal Spaces

Crowd of people gathered around a blue Rivian R1T in Normal, Illinois
Rivian R1T in Normal, Illinois | Rivian

Rivian Seasonal Spaces are temporary spaces that can be quickly set up in targeted locations around the country. They enable the company to expand its reach to new and existing customers. Adopting the company’s aim to have a light environmental footprint, Rivian Spaces can be either outdoors or indoors — and can range in duration from one week to several months. 

Rivian Outposts

Rivian Outposts, which are located near adventure destinations like National Parks, closely align with the company’s mission to inspire and support outdoor adventurers and enthusiasts. Outposts offer things like outdoor gear and vehicle rentals, enabling customers to “immediately explore and enjoy the outdoors.”

Rivian Preserves

Rivian Preserves are large areas of protected land. Along with providing a beautiful space for people to visit and enjoy, Preserves are natural lands that the company will conserve by protecting ecosystems and biodiversity.

For the Preserves, Rivian formed a partnership with The Nature Conservancy (TNC). For the partnership, Rivian provides TNC with electric vehicles, such as the R1T and R1S, to use at its Preserves. Rivian is also working with TNC to help find ways that the nonprofit can electrify its fleet of vehicles. TNC helps Rivian by supplying it with data to create “new off-the-beaten-path driver experiences.” Also, the Rivian and TNC partnership includes advocacy for climate, energy, and conservation issues, as well as the conservation and restoration of natural lands. 

In addition to its Preserves and partnership with TNC, Rivian works to help the environment with its Forever Fund. The Rivian Forever Fund is an endowment for conservation and nature, in which 1% of the company’s equity is donated to initiatives that address the climate change crisis and preserve biodiversity.


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