Rivian Hub: Party With Your Electric Truck and SUV Buddies!

In its short existence, Rivian proved itself to be a completely different automotive company. The Rivian R1T electric truck and R1S electric SUV are groundbreaking vehicles. Also, the amazing Rivian Membership Program offers benefits that no other automaker can match. Now, the EV automaker opened its first Rivian Hub in Venice, California. The Rivian Hub is not your typical retail center, as it fosters a “place to gather” for people in the community. Check out the intriguing events and activities at the Rivian Hub. Come join the fun and party with your electric truck and SUV buddies!

What are the events and activities at the Rivian Hub?

People having a party around a Rivian R1T at the Venice Rivian Hub
Venice Rivian Hub | Rivian

Rivian marked a significant milestone in September 2021 when the first production R1T truck rolled off the assembly line in Normal, Illinois. A month later, in October 2021, the EV automaker opened its first Rivian Hub in Venice, California. Rivian employees celebrated the opening of the Venice Rivian Hub with a party. Now, Rivian owners, electric truck and SUV enthusiasts, and other community members can gather together at the Rivian Hub.

In addition to selling innovative and eco-friendly vehicles, Rivian aims to create a community for Rivian fans and outdoor adventurers. Since Rivian doesn’t abide by the traditional dealership business model, the company is free to create its Rivian retail spaces in any way it wants. 

People having a party in the garden at the Venice Rivian Hub
Venice Rivian Hub | Rivian

Events and activities at the Rivian Hub include:

  • Community events for people to gather, celebrate, and exchange ideas
  • Shaded gardens and relaxing seating areas
  • Open-air play space for children
  • Library with local and iconic books, as as well as locally-produced crafts
  • “Bright makers’ space” with creative materials
  • Courtyard with a Rivian R1T, which you can explore 
  • Workshops on “useable knowledge,” such as planting an organic garden, visiting National Parks, sustainable energy, and permaculture

Ray Bradbury connection to Venice Rivian Hub  

Venice sign hanging over the street in Venice, California
Venice Sign in Venice, California | Rivian

The Venice Rivian Hub property has historical roots. Celebrated author Ray Bradbury lived and worked on the same property for several years. In the following decades, the property was utilized in different ways, including an art gallery and an electric works building.

Venice is the ideal location for Rivian to open its first Hub. The eclectic community, with its famed beachfront boardwalk and many canals, is home to free-thinkers, creative and innovative minds, and experimenters of all kinds. As someone who used to live in Venice, I can vouch for its creative spirit and abundant energy. This creative spirit closely aligns with the mission of the Rivian Hub.

“Our Venice Hub is above all a place to come together — to attend a workshop, to relax in the garden, to share ideas. We hope you’ll visit often.”

– Rivian

Will a Rivian Hub open in a city near me?

People relaxing in the library at the Venice Rivian Hub
Venice Rivian Hub | Rivian

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Rivian eventually plans on opening Rivian Hubs in cities all over the country. As the company grows, it will open centers to create a connection to the community and offer various events and activities. The next Rivian Hub to open is in Laguna Beach, California. 

In addition to creating Hubs in urban centers, Rivian plans on creating “adventure-oriented” Rivian Outposts in remote locations. Additionally, the EV automaker will create Rivian Preserves, which are wide areas of wilderness that it will protect for its conservation work.