Destroyed $300,000 Ford GT Sits Melted and Split Apart at Copart Auction

If you’ve ever had a car totaled, regardless of cause, it likely eventually ended up at a Copart auction. As you might imagine, a handful of interesting machines routinely go up for sale there, ranging from supercars to vintage vehicles. However, a new listing on the site tops them all. While the pile of metal and rubber you see in the photos looks like a mess, it’s actually a Ford GT.

According to Copart’s site, the destroyed supercar in question is technically a 2005 GT with an unknown amount of miles. While you certainly won’t be driving this supercar any time soon, there may be some salvageable parts here.

How did this destroyed Ford GT end up at an auction?

An image of a destroyed Ford GT at a Copart auction.
Ford GT | Copart

While there isn’t much of this Ford GT left to look at. Copart’s auction description tells us everything we need to know. For starters, we’re looking at a 2005 model, which was originally painted black. For context, the GT features a 5.4-liter supercharged V8 in the middle producing 550 hp. All of that power goes to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission.

As you might imagine, the main cause of this supercar’s destruction is a fire. However, since we’re basically only looking at the second half of the car, this supercar was likely split in half in an accident before it caught fire. As a result, its entire front end might’ve melted in the crash.

As a result, what we’re looking at here is essentially what’s left of the Ford GT’s engine and ear end. However, given the fire, there is no bodywork left on offer. This might mean that its V8 could be salvageable.

Are any of these parts salvageable?

An image of a destroyed Ford GT at a Copart auction.
Ford GT | Copart

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Since Copart has decided to put up these Ford GT remains for sale, there likely are some salvageable parts here. As mentioned earlier, the only big-ticket item remaining is the car’s engine. If the crash theory is correct, then the fire might not have affected the engine’s main block.

Additionally, we can see from some of the photos that the car’s supercharger is still attached, albeit somewhat melted. While this likely means it won’t bring in loads of cash, someone might want to buy this powertrain up for a project car.

Given how expensive Ford GT’s have become in recent years, this will likely set a record as the cheapest example sold, perhaps ever.

How much does a Ford GT cost?

An image of a Ford GT parked in a studio.
Ford GT | Ford

When the Ford GT rolled off its production line in the mid-2000s, it commanded a base price of just under $150,000. For context, that’s about $208,345 in today’s money. However, if you wanted to buy one of these rare supercars today, you’ll have to pay up much more than that. According to Hagerty, examples in good condition routinely sell for well over 300,000.

If recent trends in the collector car world continue, this American supercar will likely continue to appreciate, especially if more of them get split in half and catch fire.