Train Crushes $700,000 Ferrari SF90 Stradale After Its Transport Truck Got Stuck

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is not only one of the most expensive brand-new models the brand currently makes; it is the most powerful. As you might imagine, this ultra-fast Ferrari doesn’t exist in massive numbers, namely because of its immense $625,000 base price. However, one of these brand-new machines just got crushed by a train during transport.

According to Road & Track, a transport truck carrying various exotic cars got stuck in a railway crossing. As the train wasn’t able to stop in time, it dragged the semi-truck a considerable distance. Unfortunately, the Italian sportscar reportedly received the grunt of the impact.

How many Ferrari SF90 Stradale examples will be made?

An image of a Ferrari SF90 outdoors.
Ferrari SF90 | Ferrari

Despite being an all-out hypercar, this Ferrari SF90 Stradale isn’t a limited-edition model. While Ferrari often makes around 500 units of its most powerful and expensive models, the SF90 is a normal production car. According to Forbes, this means it’ll likely be around for a few years.

Back to the crushed Ferrari SF90 Stradale at hand. This story began in Houston, Texas, last week as a transport truck was making its way around town. According to Road & Track, the truck driver was unfamiliar with this area of Houston and managed to get stuck at a railway crossing.

The train managed to strike the semi-truck right in the middle of its trailer. The truck seemed to be fully loaded, carrying the aforementioned Ferrari, a 488 Spider, a vintage Porsche 911, and a Bentley. However, it seems the Italian hypercar took the brunt of the impact.

How wrecked is this Italian hypercar?

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As you might imagine, there is an ongoing investigation into this massive crash. As a result, there is no footage of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale outside of the trailer. However, thanks to Road & Track, we know a couple of details surrounding its current condition. For starters, the hypercar in question seems to be finished in gloss black.

According to Road & Track, someone on the scene described the Ferrari SF90 Stradale as completely messed up. Given the angle of the impact, this could mean serious front and side damage. Since these cars are only just heading out to dealerships, this was likely a customer car out for delivery. Additionally, given the likely severity of the damage, this brand-new car is likely totaled.

While there are multiple reasons why the SF90 stayed in the trailer, the most likely has to do with the semi-truck’s insurance company. Given this car’s price, the transport company’s insurance company likely wants to do a thorough investigation.

How much does a Ferrari SF90 cost?

An image of a Ferrari SF90 outdoors.
Ferrari SF90 | Ferrari

Speaking of price, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale might not be an ultra-limited car, but it’s far from cheap. That’s because this Italian hypercar has a base price of $625,000. However, given the multitude of available extras, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a sticker price over $700,000. While that seems like a lot, you get Ferrari’s most powerful car ever built in return.