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Before retiring after the 2020 model year, the Ford Fusion was popular with drivers wanting a fuel-efficient sedan. Like other vehicles, some Fusion model years have more problems than others. Overall, the 2017 Fusion is a good car. However, owners have reported mechanical issues that can be expensive to fix. Here are details about three of the most common 2017 Ford Fusion problems.

What are the 2017 Ford Fusion transmission problems?

A red 2017 ford fusion sport, a great used sports sedan
2017 Ford Fusion | Ford Motor Company

The 2017 Ford Fusion has several mechanical issues. Among the most significant are transmission problems. Over a thousand people have complained about the transmission in the 2017 model, the automotive repair and maintenance site RepairPal reports. One of the biggest issues involves delayed or harsh gear shifts. These problems occur at a much higher mileage than what a 2017 vehicle could have.

Ford issued a recall for 2017 Ford Fusion models with transmission issues. However, that doesn’t mean every owner got the problem fixed. Additionally, it doesn’t mean the transmission issues will present themselves during the window of time for the recall. Though some might consider harsh gear shifts an inconvenience rather than a major concern, fixing it could be expensive. That’s because the labor alone for transmission work could cost $1,000 to $2,000.

Specific 2017 Ford Fusion models have structural problems

Some 2017 Ford Fusion models have also experienced structural problems. For instance, drivers have said their sedans creak and squeak when going over bumps. These issues might make the car feel unstable. The most likely cause is poor welding on the lower control arms. Drivers can get repair kits from Ford to fix this issue. However, the repair could cost nearly $400 if the control arm welding is extremely bad.

Another structural concern affecting the 2017 Fusion involves the trunk. Owners have reported trouble with the trunk not latching and locking. This is a security issue because some people might close the trunk without checking to ensure it’s fully shut. That could lead to theft. Worse, an unlatched trunk lid could fly open while driving, posing a safety issue. The solution is to replace the trunk latch, which costs about $270, including labor.

Check engine light and other issues

2017 Ford Fusion Sport interior
2017 Ford Fusion | Ford Motor Company

Furthermore, 2017 Ford Fusion owners have reported problems associated with the check engine light. The most concerning issue is when the engine hesitates and stumbles. Any change in power while driving is scary, but engine instability is one of the worst feelings.

A damaged EGR valve often causes these specific engine symptoms and triggers the check engine light. The affected vehicle would need a diagnostic scan to confirm the issue, but if the EGR valve is faulty, RepairPal estimates it will cost about $247 to fix.

Despite those problems, the 2017 Ford Fusion is generally a solid sedan providing plenty of value. Regardless, if you’re considering a used Fusion, obtain a vehicle history report and have a trusted mechanic perform an inspection to uncover potential problems before purchasing.