Major Recall: Wow! 700,000 Ford Cars and Trucks Recalled For Electrical Problems

Wow! A major recall announced by Ford today spotlights over 700,000 cars and trucks. A bad electrical connection can cause the rearview camera to display a blank screen or jumbled image which can increase the likelihood of a crash. The big recall list of Ford cars and trucks were all built in 2020. In all 620,246 vehicles were sold in the US, 76,566 in Canada and 4,302 are in Mexico. 

Ford first became aware of the electrical problems in May

front view of red 2020 F250 Super Duty Ford pickup

Ford first became aware of the problem in May according to Automotive News. At that time it was shut down for the coronavirus. When plants opened back up all of the backup cameras in stock were removed and new cameras were added. 

The vehicles affected include the 2020 Edge, Escape, Expedition, Explorer, F-150, F-250 Super Duty, F-350 Super Duty, F-450 Super Duty, F-550 Super Duty, Mustang, Ranger, and Transit delivery vehicles. Also, the Lincoln Corsair and Nautilus are both part of the recall. 

According to the NHTSA document Magna Electronics, part of the giant Canadian supplier Magna International is the backup camera supplier. Owners of affected vehicles will receive notifications by mail starting around the first part of November. Ford says it is unaware of any accidents related to the problem. 

Ford has been busy so far this year with numerous recalls

Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 sports car on display at Brussels Expo
The 2020 Ford Mustang | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

Ford has been busy so far this year with numerous recalls. Earlier this week Ford issued another recall for 2020 Mustangs. This problem is with the brake pedal bracket. Cracks have been observed in the brackets that could cause it to break, resulting in not being able to brake. Almost 40,000 Mustangs are affected and all of them have automatic transmissions.

In June Ford recalled almost 2.5 million vehicles split into two groups. The largest group is 2.15 million 2011-2015 Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Those vehicles could experience door latches getting unlatched while driving.  

A large recall for 562,000 Ford vehicles was announced in August. This was for leaks in the braking system. It took in 2015-2018 Ford Edge models and 2016-2018 Lincoln MKX SUVs. All were sold in North America. 

The 2020 Ford Explorer has had six recalls this year

2020 Ford Explorer is on display at the 112th Annual Chicago Auto Show
2020 Ford Explorer | Getty

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The 2020 Ford Explorer has had six recalls this year. They include issues with the rear seat belt buckle assembly, side airbags, fuel system lines, hoses, and fittings; parking brake problem, wiring issues, and the front seat recliner unable to support passengers in a crash. 

This April Ford recalled more than 67,000 Ranger, F-150, and Expedition vehicles for issues with the transmission gear selector not allowing owners to put it into Park. This can cause the vehicle to roll down a hill or driveway causing an accident after the driver has left the vehicle. 

Back in March Ford recalled more than 250,000 Fiesta, Fusion, and Lincoln MKZ vehicles because doors were popping open while driving. And in February Ford recalled more than 226,000 Ford and Lincoln vehicles built between 2013 and 2018 for broken toe links in the rear suspension. The vehicles included Ford Flex, Taurus Police Interceptor sedans, Taurus SHO, and Lincoln MKT vehicles.