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The Ford Fusion occupied a big part of Ford’s car lineup. However, Ford has announced that it is finished building sedans as it focuses on the more lucrative SUVs, crossovers, and electrified vehicles. Fortunately for shoppers everywhere, a used Ford Fusion could be an excellent choice for your next car. Specifically, the model year 2017 Ford Fusion could be a good car for your family and your wallet. 

Key Points:

  • The 2017 Ford Fusion is a four-door sedan with gas-powered or hybrid powertrain options. 
  • A hybrid Fusion is capable of 39 mpg overall and can remain in electric drive mode up to speeds of 75 miles per hour. 
  • The 2017 Fusion has three recalls that could compromise safety. 
  • A used Fusion could cost around $16,200 to $22,875. That means the Ford sedan is a good value for money, especially considering the fuel economy.

Is the 2017 Ford Fusion a good car? 

2017 Ford Fusion, pictured here,  is a good sedan for your family and your wallet.
2017 Ford Fusion in the autonomous vehicle program | Getty Images

The 2017 Fusion is a good car that offers consumers variety. In addition to handsome styling, the Fusion offers gas-powered and hybrid powertrains. The 2017 Fusion has a quiet cabin with a comfortable ride, as well as excellent value for money.  

Which trim is the most fuel-efficient? 

2017 Ford Fusion, pictured here at the unveiling,  is a good sedan for your family and your wallet.
Two Fusions at the 2017 unveiling | Scott Olson, Getty Images

Consumers will find the best results by opting for the 188 horsepower 2.0L four-cylinder hybrid system. During testing, Consumer Reports found that the 2017 Ford Fusion with a hybrid powertrain accomplished 39 mpg overall and an impressive 41 mpg at highway speeds. However, owners reported that their 2017 Fusions averaged only 25 mpg. It is unclear which models that owner-reported average was taken from or if it was an average of the hybrid and gas-powered trims together.

What is the current value of a 2017 Fusion?

While savvy used car shoppers may find great deals, a Consumer Reports says that a 2017 Ford Fusion will typically fall between $16,200 and $22,875. Those prices are subject to mileage, condition, title, and a number of other factors. Furthermore, consumers may pay more for specific editions like the Fusion Sport. 

What problems do Fusions have? 

2017 Ford Fusion is the sister car of the Mondeo, pictured here,  and is a good sedan for your family and your wallet.
A Ford Mondeo is a sister car to the Fusion | Getty Images

The 2017 Fusion currently has three recalls. Consumer Reports says that the 2017 Fusion has a recall for a possible steering wheel detachment, as well as a potential torque converter weld stud failure. Both of those issues could cause the vehicle to lose the ability to move. Finally, the Fusion seat welds could reportedly fail, leading to the increased likelihood of injury in a crash. 

While the 2017 Ford Fusion has its problems, it is also an efficient car with lots to offer 

Although the 2017 Fusion has some issues like recalls, the Fusion lineup offered a variety of engines and trims. The Fusion may return as a Subaru Outback-style hatchback, but the days of the sedan variant are gone. That doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a 2017 Ford Fusion and get the most out of this fuel-efficient sedan. Scroll down if you want to read more about other sedans you can buy for less than $40,000. 


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