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In the world of midsize trucks, the Toyota Tacoma is often at the top of this list. As Toyota’s small pickup, there’s quite a bit to like about it. For most folks, though, getting a new truck might not be in the budget. But thankfully, there are plenty of older Tacoma models out there for less than $15,000. These might be older examples, but for the most part, they should make a solid option in 2023. 

Is it worth it to buy a used Tacoma?

In terms of a used truck, the Toyota Tacoma can be a good option. But of course, there will always be some lemons to be wary of. One of the major issues faced by older Toyota trucks is rust. Corrosion hit these vehicles pretty hard, so definitely take a look under the pickup before you put money on the table. 

Generally speaking, a Tacoma made after 2013 should be a safe bet. But, according to Vehicle History, you are unlikely to find one for less than $15k. Because of that, you may have to look to older examples to fit within your budget. These three should work in 2023. 

3. 2009 Toyota Tacoma

Although a 2009 Tacoma is over 10 years old, they are known to be pretty reliable. There is an optional V6 engine, 4WD, and more. All things that folks looking for a midsize truck are likely to appreciate. 

The 2009 Toyota Tacoma sits in a parking lot. It can be a used Tacoma for less than $15,000.
2009 Toyota Tacoma | IFCAR

The Tacoma from this era is also known to pack on the miles. While you probably don’t want to get a used truck with over 300,000 miles on the clock, with proper maintenance, these pickups can do just that. 

2. 2013 Toyota Tacoma

So, a 2013 version of this midsize truck will get you some more modern features. But that will come at a cost. If you want a newer Tacoma for less than $15,000, you’ll probably have to get something with higher mileage. Additionally, you might miss out on things like the more powerful V6 and 4WD.

A red 2013 Tacoma is on the assembly line.
2013 Toyota Tacoma | T.J Kirkpatrick via Getty Images

If that is something that’s fine by you, taking a truck to a mechanic before purchase is likely a good idea. You should also plan to check service history to make sure the Tacoma has been treated properly over the years. 

1. 2000 Toyota Tacoma 

OK, this Tacoma is part of the first generation of Toyota’s small truck. Because of that, it might feel pretty sparse, especially when compared to modern versions. That said, you do get a pickup that was built to be utilitarian. And that is something worth considering. 

A first-generation Toyota Tacoma can make a good used truck for under $15,000.
Toyota Tacoma | Michael McCullough

Depending on configuration, you can actually get a 2000 Toyota Tacoma for under $10,000. That poses a legitimate value, even though the truck is over 20 years old. 

Is Toyota redesigning the Tacoma?

Sometime in the near future, we do expect to see the next-gen Tacoma. The current gen has been around for a bit, and other brands have been updating their midsize trucks in recent years. 

If this Japanese automaker hopes to keep up, it will need to keep the Tacoma feeling fresh. And a full redesign would certainly help. 

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