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The 2023 Toyota Corolla has a lot to offer consumers as a compact car. However, not every Corolla build is as practical or affordable as the next. Of course, a barebones base trim Corolla is certainly affordable.

However, it simply can’t provide the comforts and features that a higher trim level does. That’s why a more realistic Corolla build lies somewhere in between the lowest and highest trim levels. Here’s a look at what one of the most practical, yet affordable, 2023 Toyota Corolla builds would cost.  

A look at the 2023 Toyota Corolla 

The 2023 Toyota Corolla is a 12th-generation rendition of the compact car, available as either a sedan or hatchback option. It is available in eight various trim levels. The baseline trim is the LE Sedan trim which Toyota starts at $21,700.

The LE Sedan model is also available as a hybrid. Toyota starts the Hybrid LE trim at $23,050. In addition, the baseline hatchback offering is the SE Hatchback which starts at $23,155. 

In contrast to the baseline offerings, the highest sedan trim level on the 2023 Toyota Corolla is the XSE Sedan, and the highest hatchback trim level is the XSE Hatchback.

In addition, the highest trim level hybrid sedan offering is the Hybrid XLE Sedan trim. Toyota starts the Hatchback XSE at $26,580 and the Sedan XSE at $26,850. It also offers the Hybrid XLE at a starting price of $26,850.  

What does a practical 2023 Toyota Corolla build look like?

The starting price points between the baseline trims to the highest 2023 Toyota Corolla trims fall around $21K to $27K. However, it seems most consumers shouldn’t be opting for the baseline trims or the highest trim levels. According to Car and Driver, the most practical and affordable 2023 Corolla build can be achieved with the SE Sedan trim level. 

The middle-of-the-line SE Sedan trim level provides consumers with more amenities and standard features compared to the baseline trims without breaking the bank like the higher trim levels tend to do.

Toyota starts the SE Sedan trim at a reasonable starting point of $24,140. This trim level comes standard with a 169-hp 2L four-cylinder engine with FWD. Toyota offers two different packages on the SE trim level, including the SE Premium Package for $1,220 or the SE Premium Package with options for $1,820. 

The more practical package option is the SE Premium Package. This adds some great features to the Corolla, like blind spot warning, heated power outside mirrors with turn signal indicators with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, and a power tilt/slide moonroof with sliding sunshade.

The Premium Package equips the Corolla with a few additional features, like premium audio with an amplifier and a subwoofer. 

Some of the more expensive Corolla upgrades will add up quickly 

Toyota also offers three additional accessory packages that can be added to a Corolla build. The most practical of these packages is probably the Preferred Accessory Package w/ All-Weather Liners for $631. This package equips the Corolla with all-weather floor liners, a cargo tray, a rear bumper protector, a cargo net envelope, a door sill protector, and a first aid kit. 

Overall, according to the Toyota build tool, adding the SE Premium Package and the Preferred Accessory Package w/ All-Weather Liners brings the grand total for a practical 2023 Toyota Corolla SE Sedan build to $27,086.

While this price point brings the SE Sedan to the starting price of a higher trim level, it still makes the build quite a bit more affordable than a higher trim level with all the bells and whistles, which would be priced closer to the $35K price point. 


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