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When considering a car modification, the Toyota Corolla is not a vehicle that typically comes to mind. It’s well-known for its affordability, practicality, and reliability, but for elaborate custom jobs, not so much. However, this didn’t stop a South African man from going all out with an extreme modification for his Corolla. He converted it to make it look like a crazy Tesla-like Transformers robot car.

Transformers ‘Tazzla’ Toyota Corolla modification with gull-wing doors like a Tesla Model X

Front angle view of modified Toyota Corolla "Tazzla" that looks like Tesla Model X Transformers robot car
Modified Tesla-like “Tazzla” Toyota Corolla Transformers robot car | Cars via YouTube

Oefentse Mphatsoe loves building things, and he channeled this passion to make a unique customization for his Toyota Corolla — or Tazz as it’s called in South Africa. He affectionately calls it the Toyota “Tazzla.” It looks like a cross between a Tesla Model X with gull-wing doors and a Decepticon robot from the Transformers film franchise and toy line. 

To Mphatsoe’s surprise, his unusual car unexpectedly went viral last year, per Motor1. In response, the Cars automotive site from South Africa did a story on Mphatsoe and his “Tazzla,” including a YouTube video upload. 

Mphatsoe refers to his modified Corolla as “prototype version one” — as if it’s the first in a series of more models to come. His modification was actually a happy accident. The paint on the spoiler peeled away, and he had some art supplies, so he touched it up with oil paint. 

After that, “one thing led to another.” As described by Mphatsoe, he “went nuts.” 

Mphatsoe used trash and other materials to create unique design touches

Rear angle view of modified Toyota Corolla “Tazzla” that looks like Tesla Model X Transformers robot car
Modified Tesla-like “Tazzla” Toyota Corolla Transformers robot car | Cars via YouTube

Mphatsoe went to a scrap yard and collected trash and recycled materials. He experimented with “engineering and art” to create some unique design touches. For the color scheme of the modified Tesla-like Toyota Corolla, he based it on the red and blue color scheme of Spiderman’s costume — and added a spider badge. 

Other unconventional products utilized by Mphatsoe include yoga mats, a heavy-duty trash can, and a laundry basket. Also, he made these things highly visible so people could see the work that went into modifying his car.

The feature that gets the most attention is the gull-wing doors that look like they’re from a Tesla Model X. Whenever he’s out in public and opens and closes the doors, it garners much curiosity from people.

The 26-year-old doesn’t even consider himself to be a car enthusiast. He just likes building things and being creative. Also, he’s completing a short course in welding. With his custom build, he put that new skill to good use. 

In case you’re wondering, the custom “Tazzla” Toyota Corolla is street-legal and safe to drive. Mphatsoe said it passed roadworthiness tests, including checks on the modified indicators and brake lights.

While the Transformers robot car has Tesla-like design elements, it’s not an electric vehicle. It still has a gas engine from the sixth-generation E90 Corolla.

While some people derided the “Tazzla” for its appearance, the reactions have mostly been positive. People praise it for its uniqueness and the imagination behind it. 

An inspiring aspect of Mphatsoe’s creation is his resourcefulness. He showed that you don’t always have to pay a significant amount of money for a vehicle modification. With a little ingenuity, you can transform a budget car into something special.


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