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The unusual animal-related car stories keep rolling here at MotorBiscuit. Following articles such as a dog walking upright like a human after a car accident and a cat riding in a car engine, we have another one to add to the mix. A man found a massive spider in his car, and then kept it as his pet companion for all of his drives.

Spider shows up on the dashboard of a man’s car, and he keeps her as his driving buddy

Hairy spider on a man's face, highlighting story of a man that keeps a pet spider in his car
Spider crawling on a man’s face | Peter Steffen/DPA/AFP via Getty Images

If you found a big hairy spider crawling on the dashboard of your car, how would you react? Many people would probably be terrified, let out a loud scream, and run far away. 

However, Chris Taylor, a 42-year-old Australian safety manager, did the opposite. In February 2021, he discovered a six-inch spider on the dashboard of his car, as reported by Mirror. Instead of viewing the spider as something to be feared, he looked at her as a driving buddy — and kept her as his pet. The spider has now lived freely in Taylor’s car for a full year. He feels attached to the eight-legged creature and doesn’t plan to kick her out “anytime soon.”

“She just appeared one day about a year ago on the dashboard when I stopped at the lights. She was only about half the size she is now, though, I’ve watched her grow. I did get her out of the car a few months ago but the next day she was back under the sun visor, so she likes it in my car for some reason.”

– Chris Taylor

Car owner gives the female spider the name ‘Steve’: ‘Why Not?’

Despite the spider being a female, Taylor gave the spider a traditionally male name: Steve. Taylor said, “I named him Steve, because why not? I have been told, however, that he is she. When I have passengers in my car they are often startled or scream. Steve is great at keeping me more alert when I drive.”

Taylor and Steve the Spider endured many interesting adventures during their one year together. While Taylor enjoys the companionship of his eight-legged driving buddy, he doesn’t appreciate it when the spider falls into his lap. As detailed by Taylor, “I had her fall on my lap one time and almost hit the Sydney Harbor tunnel wall.” Also, Taylor doesn’t like it when his arachnid driving companion “appears 10 cm above his head” when driving at high speeds

Spider saves the car owner money because people are too scared to ask for rides

As can be expected from someone that keeps a pet spider in their car, Taylor is not afraid of spiders. However, many other people are — and Taylor sees this as another benefit of his pet spider. He said, “I’ll let her stay. I’m saving money as no one wants a lift anymore. I like her but wouldn’t say we’re close friends. Yet! I would be a bit sad if she decided to leave. Driving is far more exciting with her in there.”

Would you ever have a pet spider and let it roam freely in your car? As Taylor shows, if you’re not arachnophobic, a spider driving buddy offers multiple benefits.


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