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The 2023 Ford Ranger is going to be the last generation of this mid-size truck. For the 2024 model year, there should be a new Ranger hitting the market. And that is fairly exciting. Order banks for the 2023 Ranger opened back in early August of 2022, and production is expected to kick off on October 10th of the same year. The truck will be built at the Ford Michigan Assembly plant. So, if you want the last version before Ford makes major changes, the 2023 Ranger might be right for you. Although, it appears this mid-size pickup is losing some color options. 

The 2023 Ford Ranger is losing four color options

Ford is finally sunsetting the fourth generation of the Ranger pickup truck in the United States. But, for the final year, not every color that was offered to the 2022 Ranger will be available. According to Ford Authority, Ford is ditching four distinct colors. Colors no longer offered include:

  • Avalanche (paint code DR)
  • Cyber Orange Metallic (paint code SB)
  • Desert Sand (paint code VA)
  • Forged Green Metallic (paint code L9)
A 2023 Ford Ranger shows off its capability as a mid-size truck.
Ford Ranger | Ford

While losing these colors probably won’t deter folks from buying the new Ford Ranger, it is a bit of a disappointment. And it is a strong indicator that Ford is ramping down production of the fourth generation of this pickup truck. 

What’s new for the 2024 Ford Ranger?

The 2024 Ranger is the next generation of Ford’s mid-size truck. It should become available sometime early next year. It will be all-new for the States, despite already being available on the global market. 

is the 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor worth the wait?
2023 Ford Ranger | Ford

Major updates will include the addition of a Raptor model as well as some more aggressive styling. Ford has planned an eight-year production run for this pickup, so it will be around for a while. Additional changes include a revised interior, which should make this mid-size truck feel less old-school. 

Should you buy a 2023 Ranger?

With the all-new Ranger on the way, it is hard to say if you should wait or go ahead and buy what is currently being offered. The fourth-gen Ranger is certainly a decent truck. It offers a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine with ample power, plus a range of modern features. 

A 2023 Ford Ranger shows off its capability at a lake.
Ford Ranger | Ford

But, the fifth-gen Ranger promises to be a pretty great mid-size truck. It will bring new design and features to the table. And it will finally be the first time Ford is selling a new Ranger in the States for years. 

When will the 2024 Ford Ranger go on sale?

Orders for the new Ford Ranger should start at some point in May 2023. And that means it is just around the corner. That said, the Ranger could easily sell out, much like the Maverick and Lightning did. So, finding one may not be the easiest task unless you secure an order directly from Ford. 

Either way, the 2023 Ford Ranger is open for order. But, some colors that were offered in the past are now missing. So, keep that in mind when you go to buy.


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