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When Ford brought the Ranger back to North America in 2019, it was fairly exciting. Ford had not offered a mid-size truck since the Ford Ranger was discontinued in 2011. But just because this pickup left American shores does not mean it was not sold elsewhere. Ford continued to sell the Ranger in other markets and even built a new generation. Unfortunately, the states have not gotten that new truck yet, and we have been stuck with the old version. That said, the 2023 Ford Ranger is on the way. And, orders are expected to open next month.

When can you buy the 2023 Ford Ranger?

According to Ford Authority, orders for the 2023 Ranger should open up in July. Specifically on July 18th, but of course, that could change. The 2023 Ranger will be relatively similar to the outgoing model. Although the new generation is not quite ready yet for America, it should be coming soon. 

2023 Ford Ranger on the road
2023 Ford Ranger | Ford

The Ranger will be built at Ford’s assembly plant in Michigan, and production should be starting at some point in the fall. Hopefully, this new Ranger will not face the same issues as the 2022 Ford Maverick, which has been incredibly difficult to buy. 

Should you buy the 2023 Ranger?

If you are interested in purchasing a mid-size truck, the Ranger makes a solid pick. It comes with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine that makes 270 horsepower and 310 pound-foot of torque. Although there is not currently a Ford Ranger in North America with a V6 engine, the turbocharged engine should be enough power for most. 

A red 2022 Ford Ranger midsize pickup truck is driving off-road.
The 2022 Ford Ranger | Ford

The Ranger can tow up to 7,500 lbs, and for 2023, that number will likely remain the same. Ford’s mid-size truck utilizes a steel frame which helps with its durability, and it also boasts off-road features to give it some legitimate capability. 

What is the Tremor Off-Road Package?

The Tremor Off-Road Package is an available option on the Ford Ranger. It adds Fox shocks, off-road suspension, and tow hooks. Additionally, for those who want to make a true off-road build, it also delivers upfitter switches to allow you to add accessories to your new Ranger. 

The Tremor package is only available to Ranger models with the SuperCrew cab and four-wheel drive. You must also either opt for the LXT or Lariat trim level. Still, if you want a mid-size truck that can go off-road, this package may be worth it to you. 

Is it worth waiting for the 2023 Ranger?

Orders for the 2023 Ranger are supposed to open up in July with production starting in October. If you are patient, this mid-size truck may be one worth waiting for. But it is worth noting that the new generation of Ranger is not yet here. 

A yellow Ford Ranger Wildtrak small pickup truck is parked outdoors.
The 2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrak | Ford

That is not to say the current Ranger being sold in the United States is not a worthy pickup. It has a range of modern features that pair well with old-school capability. So, if the 2022 model is not right for you, wait for the 2023 model which just might be.