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The 2022 Tesla Model Y is about to get something pretty big, something taken from the Model S. It’s a new User Interface (UI), and it’s unlike anything seen in any other Tesla. What is the Model S User Interface like, and what does it mean for the 2022 Tesla Model Y SUV?

A red 2022 Tesla Model Y driving down a road.
2022 Tesla Model Y | Tesla

Will the 2022 Tesla Model Y get a new UI?

Yes, it looks like the 2022 Tesla Model Y is getting a new User Interface. It’s the same User Interface that’s currently in the Tesla Model S. It’s unlike anything in any other Tesla right now. This User Interface should make it easier to use. Plus, it should be able to do more, and it’s possible that it will eventually expand to other Tesla vehicles.

So what will the Tesla Model Y User Interface do? It will have buttons on the bottom of the screen that can be customized to better meet the needs of the Tesla driver. You’ll also be able to drag and dock windows to different parts of the screen, according to Not a Tesla App. In addition to the customizable buttons, the new Tesla Model Y User Interface will have a mini music player. That will allow you to control your music quickly and easily.

The Tesla Model Y could get the Model S’ new hardware

Both the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X come with new infotainment hardware. This is called MCU 3. While the MCU 2 has an Intel Atom processor, the MCU 3 has an AMD Ryzen processor. This is more powerful. It’s this processor that allows the Tesla Model S User Interface to be as incredible as it is, and if that comes to the Tesla Model Y, it would be great.

That new AMD chip allows the user experience in the Tesla Model S to be smoother and more responsive. Model Y SUVs made at the Gigafactory Shanghai in China are already coming with the new chip loaded with the AMD Ryzen processor, and those who have been able to experience it are pretty happy with it. However, the User Interfaces in those Tesla Model Y’s hasn’t changed yet, so they haven’t had the full UI update.

Old Tesla Model Ys could get the new User Interface


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Tesla has submitted the Tesla Model Y to those in Europe responsible for testing it before consumers are allowed to drive it, and as often happens when it comes to Tesla, the document associated with the new Model Y leaked. According to the European Union documents, there are some adjustments that have to be made between the Tesla Model S User Interface and the Tesla Model Y User Interface. These include a smaller infotainment screen; the Model Y has a 15-inch screen while the Model S has a 17-inch screen. In addition, the Model Y only has one screen, which will require an adjustment to the software. In the Tesla Model S, the digital information cluster is available on a separate screen, but in the Model Y it will have to fit on the single screen in the SUV.

While the new Tesla Model Y User Interface will be available on the 2022 Tesla Model Y, there’s no word yet on whether it will also be available as an update to current Tesla Model Ys. Tesla does most of its update over the air, meaning nearly every advancement that Tesla makes can be applied to all Tesla models that have the basic equipment. Still, it doesn’t always work, and we aren’t sure yet whether it will in this case. If it’s possible, it’s likely to cost somewhere around $2,000 to $3,000.

Although we don’t know yet which Teslas will be getting the new Model Y User Interface, it’s possible that this is just the beginning of a new User Interface upgrade for more than just new Tesla Model Ys. If the Model Y User Interface update is successful, it’s possible that Tesla will find a way to bring it to more Tesla models. As always with Tesla, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.