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The Tesla Model Y is Tesla’s SUV, and it’s more popular than ever. Thanks to that, it appears that the Tesla Model Y Long range has sold out for the third quarter already. What makes the Tesla Model Y so popular, and when can you get one?

A dark gray Tesla Model Y against a black background.
2021 Tesla Model Y | Tesla

What does that mean for those interested in ordering a Tesla Model Y Long Range?

You can still order a Tesla model Y long range, but you won’t get it anytime soon. According to the Tesla website, deliveries of Tesla model Y is ordered now are due to arrive in October.

Tesla projects how many electric vehicles they will sell per quarter, and estimates delivery according to that projection. The fact that there are no Tesla model wise available until October means that it is very likely that they have already sold out all of the model Y long range is that they had for the third quarter. The third quarter is between the dates of July 1 and September 30.

Right now the Tesla Model Y is one of the best-selling electric vehicles. One of the things that makes the Tesla model Y so popular is its size. While most electric vehicles are small (The lighter the EV, the better range it generally has), The Tesla Model Y is relatively large. It can seat seven, though it isn’t exactly as spacious as a suburban. 

If you want a Tesla Model Y performance, your wait time will be a little less. The performance model is expected to be delivered in September. Of course, with the long-range now I’m not available, those who don’t really need the extra mileage will likely opt for the performance version, so it is possible that it will sell out soon as well.

The Tesla Model Y Price has fluctuated, but it is still fairly affordable

When you consider the fact that you are getting an electric luxury car, the cost of a Tesla Model Y isn’t too bad; $52,990. of course, the price has changed several times over the last months. 

Tesla has been adjusting the price of several Tesla models, including the Model Y, by small increments. A recent model Y price increase was just $500. Over the last few months, the cost of a model Y has gone up nearly $3000. If you opt for the full self driving option, that will cost you an additional $10,000. Tesla has recently introduced its new D9 beta software update, so that might be worth it to you.

Is it possible that demand for the Tesla Model Y will drive the price further upward? Definitely. So if you are thinking of buying one, you might not want to wait.

In the end, we can probably expect these price changes and availability issues to continue happening. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular. Carmen and you facture or’s are shifting their focus from fossil fuel-powered vehicles to electric, and the demand seems to be outpacing the supply. For those interested in making the environmentally friendly switch, now is the time to start looking. 


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