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The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport redesign had already left some disappointed in its independent front suspension. According to a recent recall, the rear suspension on a few SUVs may even be dangerous. The recall was announced in a press release on Ford’s website last week. 

1,666 Ford Bronco Sport are affected by the recall

The recall refers to critical bolts in the rear suspension that may be loose on some or all affected units. Ford claimed 1,640 affected Broncos sold in the United States, 24 sold in Canada, and two sold in Mexico. 

Affected models assembled by the Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly Plant in Sonora, Mexico were in production between July 22nd and November 24th, 2020. This recall is just the latest in a series the manufacturer has announced. 

The Bronco Sport could face massive safety issues

Something as simple as a loose bolt in the wrong palace can drastically increase the risk of accidents and injuries. The recalled Broncos could potentially lose stability, increasing the risk of a collision. 

Suspension directly affects rear impact safety performance. In the case of an accident, the risk of injury in one of the affected SUVs could be much higher. Owners of these recalled vehicles must take every precaution and have the rear suspension thoroughly examined at a licensed Ford dealership. Ford announced it was not aware of any injuries due to the faulty suspension. 

Ford dealerships will begin repairing the affected Broncos in early April

Drivers of the affected units will be directly notified by Ford. Beginning the week of April 5th, owners will be able to schedule an appointment to have the rear suspension thoroughly inspected and repaired if necessary. 

The dealership may tighten the bolts or remove and replace components as required. These repairs will be at no cost to the owner. The reference number for this recall is 21S04

Sales are still rapidly growing for the Bronco Sport SUV despite the recall

Demand for the SUV has skyrocketed since the redesign was released. According to Ford’s January Sales Release, the maker produced 8,050 units slated for delivery in 2021 before this recall. 2021’s numbers are up from 5,120 units sold in 2020.

The suspension issue has yet to affect this popularity. Supplies of the redesign remain low, but interest is so high that some dealerships charge up to $10,00 markup. Ford discontinued the original Bronco when buyers stopped showing interest. The recent redesign seems to be on course to avoid the same fate.

Ford’s recent safety recalls are piling up

Ford is no stranger to recalls. On February 22nd, The Ford brand website announced a recall for 79,000 F150s. The windshields of these units did not meet Ford’s safety standards due to poor adhesion. 

Windshield adhesion is a significant safety issue in the event of a collision. All of this comes on the back of a 3 million unit recall over Takara airbags in January 2021. The faulty airbags could potentially explode in the event of a collision. 


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