2021 Ford Bronco Launch Reveal Confirmed By Ford

It has been years since Ford announced it was going to bring back the Bronco nameplate. Since then, the automotive community has been buzzing about what to expect and when. Now we have an answer, sort of, regarding the reveal of the 2021 Ford Bronco.

2021 Ford Bronco four-door model
2021 Ford Bronco four-door model | Spy photo

The Bronco reveal was supposed to have already happened

The 2021 Ford Bronco was supposed to be launched earlier this year at one of the international automotive car shows. However, the global COVID-19 pandemic put a hold on the big reveal. Since then, the automotive press has been chomping at the bit to get information about the SUV’s new reveal date. The public’s interest in the new off-roader is also at a fever pitch. 

1967 Ford Bronco
1967 Ford Bronco | Bring a Trailer

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Bronco fever

Ford is capitalizing on this pent up demand for information on their Bronco by only releasing bits at a time. For example, while other manufacturers have been doing digital streaming events to announce their new products, Ford instead only announced an online Bronco community just a few weeks ago. Ford has also made it known that it is creating a lot of upgrade parts for the new beast that will be available when the SUV finally launches. 

2021 two-door Bronco
Ford’s new off-road two-door SUV | Spy photo

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What Ford said

Finally, there was another recent announcement. This one was directly related to the 2021 Bronco launch, thankfully. But (cue the dramatic music) it was not as revealing as the public wants. What Ford did was to announce on its website that the reveal of the SUV will be in July.

That was it. That was all that the press and the public got. July. There was no further detail. Will the reveal be an online streaming event? Will it be an in-person event? Where will it be? More importantly, what day in July, and what time?

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The good news

The good news is that the Ford Bronco will indeed be revealed this year. More importantly, it will happen next month. So, now its fans, and those covering the story related to the reveal, have a defined timeframe to look forward to.

When in July?

It will not be surprising if Ford chooses to reveal the Bronco around the July 4th holiday. The off-roader is a piece of Americana. So, what would be more symbolic than revealing the newest incarnation of the American legend during the freedom celebrations of Independence Day? Granted, this is pure speculation. There is no definitive information from Ford on what day in July the masses will finally be able to see the production 2021 Bronco. But, one can hope. 

What we know about the Bronco

The new Ford Bronco will have a shared chassis with the Ford Ranger. It will be available in two and four-door configurations. It will also have four and six-cylinder engines. Hybrid motivation could be coming down the road too. A removable top is available for the SUV. 

“The Ford Bronco is coming back” is a chant that has been echoing through the air for a few years now. However, Ford’s announcement of a reveal in July is finally giving fans something to look forward to. Although it is a vague timeframe, at least at some point in July, fans of the SUV will finally see the production version. Unfortunately, Bronco fever is intense. So, those afflicted by it will have to wait for just a few weeks longer.