The New Ford Bronco Feels Like A Jeep Renegade

You might not have to wait for the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport to come out because it feels incredibly similar to the Jeep Renegade. Instead of competing against the Suzuki Jimny, Ford seems to be targeting the highly successful little Jeep Renegade instead. 

The 2021 Ford Bronco Is Like The Jeep Renegade 

The new Bronco seems to have underpinnings of the older, boxy Ford Escape, and the look is also reminiscent of the classic off-roading Bronco that was discontinued. If the smaller Sport has 4X4, it will provide the only compact option to compete with the Jeep Renegade that has true four-wheel-drive capability. 

Ford Motor Company vice president of design J Mays introduces the new Ford Bronco concept vehicle at the North American International Auto Show
An older Ford Bronco concept that’ll be refreshed for 2020 | Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Leaked photos from the Bronco6g forum have since been deleted show the Baby Bronco or Bronco, a smaller version of the Ford Bronco, and it looks very similar to the Jeep Renegade. The round headlights especially feel familiar to the icon Jeep headlights. However, the grille does say Bronco instead of Jeep. 

Spy shots of the Bronco by the Ford Explorer showed that the Baby Bronco has a similar height and similar dimensions to the Jeep Renegade. It seems taller than the Explorer but shorter and more narrow, like the Renegade. 

A Jeep Renegade military is displayed during the Vienna Autoshow, as part of Vienna Holiday Fair
The Jeep Renegade | Manfred Schmid/Getty Images

The Daddy Bronco or 2021 Ford Bronco is meant to take on the Jeep Wrangler, so a mini version to take on the Jeep Renegade does make sense. The Renegade is the most off-road ready vehicle you can buy, with the smallest turning radius. It’s also fun to drive. 

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The Bronco Sport seems to have a similar boxy shape and design. They both have a kick-up in the beltline of the rear doors, and the black bumper is similar. The Bronco also has blacked out pillars, the same bumper marker, and black rocker panel as the Jeep Renegade. 

Ford Bronco Sport Interior 

On the inside of the new Ford Bronco, there are a lot of similarities to the Jeep Renegade. There are color accents that outline the door handles, cup holders, infotainment center, and more like you’ll also find in the Renegade. We might want to take a closer look to see if the Bronco is full of easter eggs.  

2021 Ford Bronco Sport | Bronco Sport Forum-
2021 Ford Bronco Sport | Bronco Sport Forum-

The shifter knob to change drive modes seems to be down by the cupholders. In the Jeep Renegade, the shifter knob is below the infotainment center. The Bronco is adding trail modes and modes to drive in mud to the options that the Ford Escape already offers. 

Jeep Renegade Interior | FCA
Jeep Renegade Interior | FCA

Also, while the Jeep Renegade has an infotainment center built into the dash, the Bronco seems to have a floating screen coming out of the top. But the black, durable cloth seats also look like the bucket seats you’ll find in the Renegade. 

When Will We Learn More About The Bronco?

The Ford Bronco Sport is expected to have a 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter turbocharged engine option. We will see if it can keep up with or outrace the Renegade. Rumors of a hybrid powertrain are also in the works. But we know that Jeep plans to offer a hybrid version of each of their vehicles by 2021. 

2021 Bronco R Prototype Baja 1000 | Ford-001 built for racing in the desert
2021 Bronco R Prototype Baja 1000 | Ford

We don’t have much to go on at the moment for the 2021 Bronco, but we should know more soon. Ford is revealing their entire 2021 line up on June 25th and 8 PM. We will see the 2021 Ford F-150, and much more. Until then, go ahead and test drive a Jeep Renegade for a potential taste of what the Ford Bronco Sport will bring to the table.