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For some interested in a mid-size truck, a new pickup might not be in the cards. That is where the 2020 GMC Canyon comes in. While the Canyon does have a history of being an unreliable truck, by 2020, General Motors had worked out most of the issues. And that makes the 2020 GMC Canyon a decent mid-size pickup, especially the Canyon Denali trim. 

Does the 2020 GMC Canyon have transmission problems?

The 2020 Canyon is known to have some transmission problems. But these issues are less prominent than they are in previous models. Because of this, the 2020 GMC Canyon can be a safe mid-size truck to consider if you do not want to buy new. 

The Canyon is built on the same platform as the Chevy Colorado, which is the more popular version. But the GMC offers something that the Chevy does not, and that is the Denali trim. GMC puts quite a bit of effort into making its pickup trucks more upscale, and the Canyon Denali is no different. 

It comes with things like leather seating, modern comforts, and more. Plus, its exterior styling is fairly attractive. Just don’t forget that there is a price tag that goes along with that. 

Which used GMC Canyon should be avoided?

According to Vehicle History, you should definitely avoid the 2015 Canyon. 2015 marked the second generation for this mid-size truck, but it was not free of problems. In total, six recalls were issued for the GMC Canyon. And the 2015 model scored low on predicted reliability ratings. 

A 2020 GMC Canyon is a mid-size truck, is it good to buy used?
2020 GMC Canyon | GMC

Overall, if you want a reliable mid-size pickup, go ahead and skip the 2015 Canyons. And maybe all GMC Canyons manufactured prior to 2018. As always though, it is entirely possible that you could get lucky if you have to look for an older pickup due to budget. 

The Canyon has potential as a pickup truck

There is plenty to like about the GMC Canyon. It looks sharp and offers a number of pretty cool features. Plus, you have the perk of a variety of powertrains, including a V6 engine. Although GMC’s mid-size truck faced things like transmission problems in the past, 2020 marked a potential turnaround. 

A 2020 GMC Canyon could make a good used mid-size truck.
2020 GMC Canyon

The optional 3.6-liter V6 engine makes 308 horsepower and comes mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. You can also find this GMC mid-size truck with an available diesel engine that is more focused on fuel economy.

When compared to older trucks, the 2020 Canyon will still be more expensive. Simply because it is a newer vehicle. Depending on the configuration, you can likely find one for around $30,000. 

Is GMC’s mid-size truck good off-road?

The Canyon can come equipped for off-road use. The All Terrain model improves suspension and offers some other off-road tech. This includes four-wheel drive, a locking rear differential, and some skid plates. 

For the 2022 GMC Canyon, GMC has made this truck even more friendly on the trail. But that had not yet happened for the 2020 model.