The 2020 GMC Canyon Has Some Horrible Reviews

Pickup trucks aren’t just for utility anymore. They have become popular options for family vehicles and practical daily drivers, and that has caused them to evolve. New pickup trucks have modern styles and features like LED headlights and daytime running lights, and they can have just as many safety features and tech as popular SUVs and sedans. Some of them even have a high-quality interior that offers a lot of luxury. On paper, the 2020 GMC Canyon seems to have it all for a modest price, so why does it have such a low rating on Consumer Reports?

What’s wrong with the GMC Canyon

On the surface, the 2020 GMC Canyon is an excellent option for a new pickup truck. So why is it rated so low on the Consumer Reports list? The first thing that holds the sporty pickup back is its questionable reliability. There haven’t been any concerning problems with the 2020 model year that should leave buyers concerned. In fact, there aren’t even active recall for the vehicles. There aren’t any obvious reliability problems with this year’s Canyon, it’s just that previous years have had some.

A GMC Canyon truck on display at an auto show
A GMC Canyon on display | STAN HONDA/AFP via Getty Images

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The reliability ratings weren’t the only thing dragging down the 2020 GMC Canyon. Consumer Reports also dinged the pickup for its predicted customer satisfaction. While their scale is relatively consistent, it is smart to decide for yourself after a test drive. The argument could be made that it isn’t the best option for its price range, due to its slightly uncomfortable and noisy interior.

Some saving graces

For all of the negative opinions that seem to hang on the 2020 GMC Canyon, there are a lot of things that the pickup truck does right. In way of practicality, you won’t be making sacrifices with this pickup. It offers a standard towing capacity, even more than the average driver would typically use, and it is still comfortable to drive and handle even when towing.

2020 GMC Canyon Denali
2020 GMC Canyon Denali | GMC

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The diesel option of the pickup gets as much as 24mpg making it one of the most fuel-efficient towing trucks of the year. Even while towing the Canyon offers responsive acceleration and handling, and even the newest of towers will feel comfortable driving with their weekend boat.

While the 2020 GMC Canyon might look rough on the surface, there isn’t anything wrong with the car. Perhaps it doesn’t warrant its low ratings, and many customers have a lot of positive things to say about the vehicle’s capabilities. If you’re on the fence about the Canyon, it’s definitely worth a test drive, and you might be surprised to find that you like it.