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The Ford F-150 is one of the most iconic and popular trucks in America, but it’s not a perfect truck by any means. Like anything else in life, the F-150 has its flaws, and the 2018 model year of the F-150 isn’t an exception. Here are some of the most common complaints about the F-150 according to Car Complaints.

Exterior problems with the 2018 F-150

The second most common complaint that drivers had about the 2018 F-150 was about its door latches. Many drivers complained about the doors not latching. Others were more specific and mentioned that the doors wouldn’t latch in cold weather. Although this was a severe and common complaint, it was not a dangerous one. 

Another common and serious issue that drivers reported about the F-150 was about its tailgate. For some reason, the tailgates of these relatively new and unused F-150s kept opening by themselves.

Some drivers speculate on Car Complaints that it has to do with the fact that the tailgate is electric, but its cause is currently unknown. This issue will usually be annoying, but if you have some unsecured payload in your truck bed, then this can be very dangerous.  

A less common but still serious issue that drivers had about the F-150 was in relation to its windows and mirrors. Many drivers reported visibility issues stemming from problems with the mirrors warping or even shattering. These issues may not seem serious, but in certain circumstances, not having enough visibility can lead to serious accidents.

Interior problems

Drivers of the 2018 F-150 also had trouble with the truck’s interior systems. The transmission, in particular, was a common problem spot for drivers. Many owners reported having trouble shifting gears or the engine simply stalling.

Some drivers reported the engine stopping entirely out of nowhere. These problems also lead to some documented crashes and car fires, according to Car Complaints. 

The electrical system of the F-150 was also problematic. Other than occasionally opening the tailgate at random, the F-150’s electrical system sometimes just refused to lock doors, according to Car Complaints. Other times, systems such as the defroster wouldn’t work due to an issue in the truck’s electrical system.  

Furthermore, due to faulty interior systems, hundreds of thousands of 2018 F-150s were recalled. These recalls had to do with things ranging from the car seats to the F-150’s wiring.

The result of these flaws could lead to crashes or car fires. The F-150’s seats, in particular, were very problematic as they could catch on fire easily and that could total the truck even in a minor accident, according to Car Complaints.

But, it’s not all bad

Despite these common issues, they’re actually not too common. On top of that, Ford’s been making big strides in improving the reliability of the F-150. In fact, Car Complaints says that the 7th most problematic vehicle ever is the 2004 F-150. The 2018 F-150 has far fewer problems than the 2004 model year of the F-150, and it’s also a very safe and durable truck. 

Furthermore, with the introduction of an extremely fuel-efficient diesel engine, the F-150 has become the best selling car in America overall. Its high fuel efficiency, combined with its ruggedness and practicality, has allowed the F-150 to stay ahead of its competition. Although these issues are common, the pros of the F-150 far outweigh the cons in the eyes of consumers.

But, these facts don’t mean that Ford is ignoring the issues F-150 owners are reporting. Ford knows what it needs to do to improve its trucks and fixing these common complaints is something that Ford is working on.