How the Ford F-150 Performs as a Moving Truck

When it’s time haul things around and move, how does the Ford F-150 measure up? The folks at Motor Trend have all the details. 

One of the staff recently moved and used the long-term 2018 Ford F-150 Lariat for this purpose. How did it do?

The good

While the popular F-150 had a lot of neat tools to help with the moving effort, the staff member wished there’d been just a few more. 

In the positive column for the truck as a mover, the four standard hooks were highly useful. They’re located at each corner of the bed at the underside. Equipped with the optional BoxLink system, the truck from the Motor Trend garage features four cleats with hook attachments. The system hooks were halfway up the inner wall on either side of the truck bed. They are close to the front and back of the bed and run lengthwise.

The hooks helped the staffer secure an oddly shaped dining table. They expressed a wish for cleats in the middle of the bed during this. As they were loading the truck bed and securing items, the staff member and a friend found an LED bed light switch that they were previously unaware of.  

At the front end of the bed, the retractable side steps came in handy in helping to handle and secure items for the move. It’s just important to remember to push the steps back in place when not use. They don’t extend far enough to cause damage to other vehicles while driving. But the appearance when left extended is a bit awkward. The staff’s opinion was that it would be neat if the side steps could better match the look for the running boards.

The Motor Trend team’s F-150 Lariat has the SuperCab body style which is shorter and offers the standard bed which is 6.5-feet long. The bed was a good size for moving and the staffer was able to fit their new sofa in the bed without the use of extenders. They did recommend flipping the bed extender to the front so it can serve double duty as a divider for your items.

The inconvenient

The MT F-150 didn’t have the optional steps housed in the tailgate area. For the purposes of moving, the staff thought that would have been a useful feature to have. Chevrolet Silverado has steps incorporated at the rear bumper and for the record, they do it well.

Another issue encountered was with the bed extender. The Motor Trend F-150 had the optional hard bed cover. Those latch over the base of the bed extender and using them is not only tricky, but they can also do damage if you’re not careful. After the move, the staffer explains that both plastic latches cracked and because of that can’t be tucked away when they aren’t in used like they are supposed to. That being said, they still secure the cover over the bed firmly.

The recommendation of the Motor Trend team was that the automaker considers redesigning or repositioning the latches, maybe even the bed extender itself, so they can work together and not against each other. In the meantime, the staffer advises to pick one or to consider an aftermarket option to help with moving and hauling.

Still, the larger bed made for fewer trips and lights helped in continuing the moving efforts into the night. The hooks proved to be sturdy too. 


When it comes to crafting a good truck, Ford has over 40 years of success. The Ford F-150 is at the top of the pyramid when it comes to quality trucks in the U.S. It offers more features, models, and powertrain choices than any others. 

It’s not surprising then to learn from the folks at Motor Trend that when it comes to moving, the Ford F-150 is one truck you want by your side.