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If you want to live like it is 1974 then you have to buy this van. It’s brand new-well almost brand-new  There are only 873 miles on this 1974 Ford Econoline van. If you loved the van craze or wish you could have been part of it, this is as close as you’ll ever get.

This van craze Ford van is sitting at $30,100 right now

1974 Ford van craze van with only 873 miles
1974 Ford van craze van with only 873 miles | eBay

Listed on eBay the current price is $30,100. While that is a lot of money for an old Ford van, this is a “new” old Ford van. There can’t be another one with these low miles. 

And what about the funky “van art” mural. As art, it is not great, but as a throwback to the way it was, it is classic. The same goes for the repeating flames running along the side as a graphic. 

Some would say these van murals are “fine art”

1974 Ford van craze van mural
1974 Ford van craze van with only 873 miles | eBay

Back in the day, these murals were semi-mass-produced. Stencils and templates along with simple depictions of desert or mountain scenes were all part of the van craze. Vans like this were piled on lots like cordwood with marked-up prices for the “custom paintwork.” 

Shag carpeting was how most of these dealer vans were finished off inside. The contrasting black and white shag carpet as seen here will make your eyes spin if you stare at it. A refrigerator and cabinet to store your refreshments are a bonus. The red, white, and blue columns are as cheesy as the rest of the era. 

Dark brown like this one, tan, and ochre, were common colors, though from our 2021 perspective are vomit-inducing. The factory orange peel finish and bubble portholes are also typical for the period. Either Cragar S/S or slotted-dish mags were as abundant as clowns in a circus. 

What’s the inside of this classic Ford van like?

1974 Ford van craze van cockpit
1974 Ford van craze van with only 873 miles | eBay

In the front are the typical captain’s chairs covered in black and white houndstooth material, to continue the eye-blearing theme inside. They include armrests and can swivel to chat with passengers in the back. Oh, and there is a bed platform back there too. 

1974 Ford van craze van wet bar
1974 Ford van craze van with only 873 miles | eBay

For a custom van, you have to have tunes, and this one is no exception. But it has to be vintage, and this is. Bonked into the dash is an AM/FM 8-track tape player. You’ll have to scrounge for 8-track tapes but the experience of songs cutting off midstream to change tracks will send you right back to the 1970s. 

It’s got a V8, but don’t plan on drag racing it

1974 Ford hippie dealer van
1974 Ford van craze van with only 873 miles | eBay

Calling All Hippies: The Ebussy is the EV Campervan of the Future

Power comes from a 302 ci V8 with a single two-barrel carb. Ford must have put millions of these peppy V8s into Econoline vans forever. A three-speed C4 automatic and nine-inch rear end make for effortless shifts. There is just enough torque to make it seem like there is some power under the engine cover. Don’t plan on drag racing it, however.

If cruising Van Nuys or Whittier Boulevards is what you missed or are missing, you’ll need to step up and buy this van. Then get your buddies to bring their cool cars and trucks and hit the boulevards and city circles for some cruising action.