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When it comes to luxury SUVs, brands like Lexus stand out for their reliability, safety scores, and generous standard features. But one vehicle in this segment stands out for a much different reason. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, aka the G-Wagen or G-Wagon, commands attention for its hefty price tag.

Here’s how the Mercedes-Benz G-Class price stands out

A burgundy 2023 Mercedes-Benz G-Class is parked on a snowy road.
2023 Mercedes-Benz G-Class | Mercedes-Benz

Large luxury SUVs command high MSRPs. That’s nothing new, and a hefty sticker price doesn’t typically make a vehicle stand out among its rivals. However, in the case of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, it does because this SUV costs significantly more than the competition. The 2023 G-Class base price is $139,900.

For example, the 2024 Lincoln Navigator is one of the more expensive luxury SUVs. Its starting MSRP is $82,765. But the 2023 Mercedes Benz G-Class starts at nearly $60,000 more. The Cadillac Escalade, known for its cavernous cabin, commands a $80,795 base sticker price. That’s still almost $60,000 less than the G-Wagon. 

Other expensive luxury SUVs are the 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class. The Grand Wagoneer costs about $88,000, while the GLS-Class runs nearly $82,000 to start. That means the G-Class is $52,000 to $58,000 more than those two models. 

And the AMG G 63 version of the 2023 G-Class is even more expensive. Mercedes-Benz starts this high-performance SUV at $179,000. Once you add options and fees, the out-the-door price will be even higher. 

What do you get for that amount of money?

The thirsty 2023 Mercedes-Benz G-Class has a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine producing 416 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. It pairs with a nine-speed automatic transmission. This SUV can zoom from 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds and tow 7,000 pounds. And the potent AMG G 63 packs a twin-turbocharged V8 harnessing 577 hp.  

As for exterior features, 18-inch wheels are standard equipment, but you can choose 19- or 20-inch wheels. They cost up to $500 more. There’s also a broad selection of colors, some running an extra $3,950. And choosing a highly specialized shade could cost almost $7,000 more. 

Regarding interior amenities, leather upholstery, heated front seats, and tri-zone automatic climate control come standard. Tech features include a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, a 15-speaker audio system, two USB ports, HD Radio, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Also, expect advanced driver-assistance systems such as lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, and forward automatic emergency braking. 

Does the Mercedes-Benz G-Class price match what it provides?

You get plenty of luxurious items for the hefty price tag, but paying six figures, even for a celebrity magnet like the G-Wagon, seems excessive. This SUV’s biggest drawback is its awful gas mileage. The G-Class is indisputably potent, but it gets only 13 mpg in the city and 16 mpg on the highway, one of the worst EPA estimates in the class. 

One of the G-Wagon’s biggest competitors, the Escalade, achieves up to 21 mpg on city roads and 27 mpg on highways, depending on the engine. Even the BMW X7 (with the optional turbodiesel engine) can get 21 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. These two SUVs cost around $80,000 — almost $60,000 less than the G-Class. 

However, if you can afford one of these iconic SUVs, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class price might be worth it. You get a rugged build, fast acceleration, and many amenities. We recommend considering a used G-Class instead, but even those are costly. 

All in all, the high price of a G-Class SUV isn’t worth spending your hard-earned dollars. That is unless you have piles of cash to burn.