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The Kia EV6 debuted in late 2021 and has been going strong since then. J.D. Power recently conducted an APEAL study on the Kia EV6, revealing a few interesting things. While many drivers loved various aspects of the vehicle, others felt there was one area that needed improving.

What is the J.D. Power APEAL Study?

The J.D. Power APEAL Study is an annual study by the publication that seeks to provide insight into consumer satisfaction. The study analyzes car owners’ experiences with their new cars within the first three months of ownership. It evaluates different aspects of a vehicle, giving insight into performance, usability, comfort, design perceived quality, safety, and other factors contributing to overall satisfaction.

The APEAL study examines over 40 vehicle attributes across 10 experience groups, such as driving feels, safety features, infotainment system, setup, interior design, fuel usage, and driving comfort. By capturing these experiences in the early stages of car ownership, the study helps automakers and suppliers understand and improve the critical elements behind customer passion and satisfaction, giving them a competitive advantage.

It also helps determine strengths and weaknesses, identify focus areas for marketing messages, establish product priorities for future development, and evaluate performance against core competitors.

Kia EV6 owners didn’t like the car’s infotainment system

The Kia EV6 received favorable reviews from its owners in the 2023 J.D. Power APEAL Study. Owners ranked the powertrain as their favorite aspect, indicating that they love its efficiency and overall driving experience. The exterior styling was the second most liked aspect, while the driving feel was the third most beloved aspect of the car.

The feeling of safety, driving comfort, interior design, setting up and starting, and getting in and out were also aspects of the new Kia EV6 that owners loved. Fuel economy and ease of entry and exit from the vehicle were second to third last, with infotainment being ranked as the least favorite aspect by EV6 owners.

According to the publication, the EV6 has a spacious, comfortable interior, but its GT trim’s suede upholstery offers grip during “spirited driving,” which can create difficulty getting in and out of the car. Its low ground clearance can also make entry and exit difficult, especially for people with mobility issues.

The Kia EV6 comes with a 12.3-inch touchscreen that is visible from both front seats. It also has standard tech features, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, wireless charging, and Wi-Fi hotspot. The publication’s independent reviewer raved about the car’s infotainment system, but owners had issues with it.

New EV6 owners may not have liked the car’s infotainment system for many reasons. The lack of physical controls might be less appealing for some people. Another reason may be a steep learning curve due to the car’s extensive infotainment features.

EV6 owners may not be looking for fancy, sophisticated systems

Car manufacturers are constantly working to improve technology, hoping that this may enhance user satisfaction. This quest may result in them installing various complicated and futuristic tech, hoping to appeal to users, especially since EVs are getting increasingly popular. However, sometimes simple is better as not everyone wants a car with sophisticated systems, as it may be difficult to learn how to use it.

Often, customers’ preferences lead toward user-friendly, intuitive, easy-to-use infotainment systems. This is especially important when driving, as a straightforward infotainment system minimizes distractions, ultimately promoting safety. As the automotive industry continues evolving, there’s a shared understanding that focusing on improving user experience and creating safer cars takes precedence over technological complexity.


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