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The electric vehicle (EV) market is inundated with high-range and practical options like the Tesla Model 3. Better yet, some options, like the Nissan LEAF, are more affordable than the luxury EV crowd. However, for those who want style and fun over practicality, the Mini Electric might be the answer. Check out Mini’s little EV hatchback with retro flair to spare. 

The Mini Electric carries over the retro styling of the beloved British classic

The Mini Electric hatchback is Mini's EV answer to the market.
Mini Electric | Mini

Unlike the latest sensible EV sedans and hatchbacks, the Mini Electric sports retro styling similar to its internal combustion engine (ICE) siblings. The result is a more familiar and aesthetically pleasing EV alternative to the modern design language of the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Nissan LEAF. Rounded headlamps, a classic silhouette, and a name synonymous with rally and racing culture make the Mini Electric a viable option for potential owners who want an attractive EV for inner-city commuting.

With special releases like the Resolute Edition, the Mini packs massive character into a diminutive EV. The Resolute has almost stereotypically British tweed seats and dark green paint. Of course, instead of an old-school Mini, the EV variation says goodbye to the gas pump and hello to modern tech like regenerative braking. 

Is it fun to drive?

The Mini Electric is a fun car and a spirited alternative to more sensible EVs like the Chevrolet Bolt EV. TrueCar says the gas-free Mini is fun to drive and charming. Despite the Mini’s horsepower figures standing at just 181 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque, the little EV hatchback is still a good time for EV drivers who aren’t ready for fun-free driving in an EV. 

Mini made its own alternative energy vehicle for fans of battery-powered cars.
A Mini in the city | Mini

How much is the Mini Electric?

The 2023 Mini Electric Hardtop starts at around $30,750. While that may seem expensive for a smaller vehicle, it’s not out of character for an EV. For instance, the electrified Mini is on par with the Nissan LEAF. While an entry-level Mini isn’t up to the range standards of the LEAF, it’s a much more attractive and fun alternative to the Nissan EV. 

However, compared to other EV staples, the Mini is a bargain. For instance, the entry-level 2022 Tesla Model 3 starts at around $48,190, over $8,000 more than the little Mini. While the Mini’s range might not be up to Tesla distances, it’s a great alternative to the Model 3 for city commuting. 

The Mini Electric is a Mini EV with retro styling.
Mini EV | Mini

2023 Mini Electric vs. 2023 Nissan LEAF: Cheap EV Showdown

What is the range of the electric mini?

Unfortunately, potential owners who live outside the urban landscape will be frustrated with the Mini EV. The 2023 Mini Electric has an EPA-estimated electric range of just 114 miles. That figure puts the charming little hatchback well over 100 miles behind the Chevrolet Bolt EV’s range. 

However, the Mini Electric is part of what could be a new, fun EV experience separate from the sober sensibilities of electric vehicle progress. It’s an old-school take on new technology. If you want a commuter with fun over function, the Mini Electric might be your best plug-in possibility. Be sure to check out MotorBiscuit for more EV content!