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The Boring Company is one of Tesla founder Elon Musk’s many business ventures. One of the tunneling company’s first projects is the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop. The main boring of the tunnel has been completed for a while and is scheduled to open next month. They’re running Tesla cars through it and fine-tuning in preparation for opening.  

The Boring Company is looking for volunteers to test the LVCC Loop

Las Vegas Loop entrance
Las Vegas Loop | LVCC

But now it’s time to test it out. That’s where you come in. The Boring Company is looking for volunteers to test ride the Loop. It is called the Vegas Loop Capacity Test, and you can register to participate

The invitation says, “The goal is to ride the Loop as many times as possible.” So it sounds like they’ll be packing the tunnel to see just how many vehicles can be handled at any given time. There are two .8-mile long tunnels with the whole trip taking about two minutes. 

There are three stations in the LVCC Loop. The south station is called South Hall, the central station is called Central Hall, and the west station is the West Hall. Sounds good so far. Volunteers are asked to get their tickets for one of the halls. You’ll then be notified if you are picked.

Drivers will operate the Loop Teslas but at the end of 2021 they’ll be autonomous

Las Vegas Loop testing
Tesla Inc. electric vehicles pass through an underground tunnel during a tour of the Boring Co. Convention Center Loop in Las Vegas| Bridget Bennett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Be forewarned; registering doesn’t mean you get in. A final confirmation will be emailed to you if you’re one of the lucky participants. Recently there were 12 new Teslas added to the fleet  and speeds were increased to 55 mph. While drivers will operate the cars initially, by the end of this year they will be running autonomously. 

The LVCC Loop is expected to open for the World of Concrete event at the convention center starting June 8. Sounds like a riot. “We are excited to have partnered with Elon’s company to bring this transportation ‘first’ to our valued convention customers,” said Steve Hill, LVCVA president and CEO. “The expanded Loop system, when developed, will be a game-changer and a new ‘must experience attraction for our visitors.’”  

The LVCC Loop is a proof-of-concept project for other potential tunnels in Florida

Las Vegas Loop signage
Signage outside of the West Station at the Las Vegas Convention Center | Bridget Bennett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The LVCC Loop is a proof-of-concept project. There are a number of cities in Florida waiting to see how the tunnel system works and how much it cost. The plan for Las Vegas is to extend the tunnels to connect several tourist destinations. 


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