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Ferrari, Volkswagen, and Toyota all have their own car-branded theme parks. It was only a matter of time before CyberLand was conjured. Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder, has been known to want a roller coaster installed in the Fremont, California, Tesla assembly plant since 2017. But a different company has actually taken the next step to make CyberLand a possibility.

Ferrari, VW, and Toyota, all have theme parks-why not a CyberLand?

Overall layout of CyberLand
CyberLand | Leasefetcher

Ferrari Land, VW Autostadt, and Toyota Megaweb are all car-branded theme parks. “With car-branded theme parks springing up all over the place, the idea of a Tesla version doesn’t seem all that far-fetched,” says Georgia Coggan at Creative Bloq. Others see it as a big hit with Tesla fanboys. 

Now LeaseFetcher, a car lease comparison site, has taken the next step by actually defining how Cyberland would be built out. LeaseFetcher’s Alasdair Cherry says it would be “like you’ve just been cast in the latest Black Mirror episode or you’re about to commit some sort of cognitive intelligence heist… The stars are aligning Elon. Get CyberLand built.”

The types of rides and layout for CyberLand are envisioned

CyberLand flying swings ride
CyberLand flying Model X ride | Leasefetcher

So, what would a CyberLand park look like? The “Place Where Intergalactic Dreams Come True” has an illustration that shows what some of the rides might be. It is a general layout of the proposed park. There are rides like the Model X Falcon wing doors flying cars swing ride.

Then there is the Hyperloop motion simulator not for the faint of heart. How about Cybertruck bumper cars? There’s a SpaceX slingshot ride and a Tesla roadster with Starman floating through space. Don’t forget Musk’s boring company represented by an underground rollercoaster. 

Musk has said he wanted to add “more fun things”

CyberLand underground roller coaster
CyberLand underground roller coaster | Leasefetcher

That’s the thing with Musk’s ventures. It is not just about cars. He’s got the Boring company making underground tunnels, and of course SpaceX with potentially many rocketship-based attractions. And he has in the past said he wanted to add “more fun things” as the company became profitable. 

Tesla has already decided to add amusements to its largest charging facility being built in Santa Monica, California. So this is a recurring theme around Elon Musk’s properties. We don’t know if or when it will be completed but it is just one more Musk-related project that could be in the works. 

Shouldn’t some fun factor be added to the serious business of cars?

Starman roadster rocket ride
Starman roadster rocket ride | Leasefetcher

Building rockets, cars, and tunnels are serious business. But some fun factor should be added to the equation, right? Jeep and Ford are hosting off-road gatherings to promote their SUVs. There was even a time when dealerships would drop a used car from a tall crane for publicity. 

Maybe it is time to liven things up with active theme parks where you can mix fun with your favorite brand? Making the adventure around vehicle ownership might be a great way to associate your products as fun just for having something like a CyberLand. What do you think?

CyberTruck bumper cars.
CyberTruck bumper cars | Leasefetcher

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