You Can Buy a Lamborghini….Tractor?

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had a reason to buy a Lamborghini? Sure, if you live in a big city, it makes sense, but living in the country isn’t always the most conducive to driving an exotic sports car. If you frequent auction sites like Bring a Trailer, you may have stumbled across something that might be worth your attention. It’s a Lamborghini-brand tractor, and you can actually buy it

A Lamborghini Tractor?

On Bring a Trailer, a 1964 Lamborghini 2R Tractor just sold, and it might be the most affordable Lamborghini you can buy. This particular one sold for $18,500 and it apparently isn’t the only one of its kind. So maybe the cheapest Lamborghini you can buy is actually the most practical. I mean, it doesn’t get more practical than a trailer, right?

1964 Lamborghini 2R Tractor | Bring a Trailor

Not quite up to the luxury

For a tractor that old, you can probably imagine that it doesn’t have a lot of creature comforts. Rather than comfortable padded seats, this Lamborghini had sprung steel seats, but apparently they aren’t that bad. Not to worry though, this tractor is still adorned with all of the classic Lamborghini badging.

You might be surprised that these reasonably priced Lamborghini tractors aren’t all that uncommon on the collectors market. You can find them at auction in good, running condition for around the same price, and there are several different models across the years.

1964 Lamborghini 2R Tractor | Bring a Trailor

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…or the performance

Obviously when it comes to buying a tractor, even the Lamborghini brand isn’t going to give you much power. In fact, this tractor doesn’t produce anywhere near the impressive amount of power that you would expect from the brands sports cars. That doesn’t seem to stop people from the appeal of buying one, and with how expensive tractors are, why not buy an older Lamborghini?

There are varying models of Lamborghini tractor, in fact, so if this one doesn’t suit your fancy, perhaps another model or year will. As you could imagine, a lot of these tractors have needed to be rebuilt or repaired from years of use in the field. They don’t hold anywhere near the same power or handling as the Gallardo, but that is because this was a vehicle produced by the brand before supercars where their focus.

1964 Lamborghini 2R Tractor | Bring a Trailor

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While this might be the most reasonably priced Lamborghini you can find in good, running condition, it probably still isn’t on your list of dream cars. Farmers and tractor-drivers can still appreciate the antique vehicle for what it has to offer and be a little proud to say you drive a Lamborghini…even if it isn’t what people are expecting.