World’s Longest Car “American Dream” Will Live Again!

Yes, it’s true, the one and only “World’s Longest Car” as defined by the Guinness Book Of World Records will live again. It had fallen into a horrible state of disrepair. Looking like it spent many years exposed to the elements it had turned into a rusted mess. How could this happen to such a treasured and important car? We get it; the thing is too long for a garage. But couldn’t it have spent its off days in a warehouse or airplane hangar? Here’s the history of the famous Cadillac Eldorado and what’s being done to bring it back.

Part of Jay Ohrberg’s large collection was the American Dream

World’s Longest Car “American Dream” | Dezerland Park

Jay Ohrberg is a character. He’s also amassed a large collection of American show vehicles. After their useful life in the US, he ships them around the world to delight car enthusiasts in other countries not exposed to show cars like the Bathtub Rod or Lamborghini Countach Limousine. 

Once he started running out of other builder’s crazy show cars he started making his own. When you’re in the business of showing crazy cars you have to have catchy names and hooks to get people’s attention. This creation had two names; “World’s Longest Car” and “American Dream.”

The American Dream had a helipad, jacuzzi, putting green, and more

World’s Longest Car “American Dream” | Dezerland Park

If you’re going to go all out to create something memorable it has to have unique features. The American Dream had plenty of hooks. A putting green, king-size waterbed, a pool, helipad, and jacuzzi are all part of the American Dream’s special and unique features. 

Coming in at 100-feet long it could handle 75 people in luxurious comfort. It was so long it needed to be hinged in the middle. With Eldorados being front-wheel-drive the hinging became easy as no driveshafts are needed. 

World’s Longest Car “American Dream” | Dezerland Park

The Eldorado got old, then sold, then almost rusted away

It was a major star of Ohrberg’s traveling car carnival. But just like all the famous stars the World’s Longest Car got old. Then it got sold. The next owners were not as careful about storing the monstrously long Caddy. It sat outside neglected for years. In that time it started getting stripped including someone taking the windows. This left the inside exposed and soon the American Dream looked like the Titanic sitting on the bottom of the ocean.

World’s Longest Car “American Dream” | Dezerland Park

Fenders and floors were rusted through and the interior was stripped. The Eldo began to sag indicating structural issues. It was only worth scrap. It didn’t look good. The American Dream was dead, in more ways than one. 

Dezerland Park purchased the hulk and is restoring it

World’s Longest Car “American Dream” | Dezerland Park

Enter Mike Dezer, the owner of Dezerland Park. It’s a car museum in Orlando, Florida. He purchased what was left of the American Dream last summer. Since then he’s gotten help from students at the Autoseum in Nassau County, New York, to help with the restoration. He’s also hired professionals to, in many cases, recreate what couldn’t be saved. 

The Eldo was taken apart at the hinge so that it could be trailered in two parts to Florida. Parts of the original Eldo used in the making of the American Dream were so rusted that it was cheaper and easier to use donor Eldorados.

Now it is waiting for final bits of fabrication before it’s finished

World’s Longest Car “American Dream” | Dezerland Park

As you can see a lot of the sides were also replaced as they were either rusted or caved in from vandals. Progress was steady until the coronavirus pandemic stopped the restoration. Now it is waiting for final bits of fabrication before being blown apart to begin paint and final assembly. 

The American Dream will live to cruise another day. Check out the Dezerland Park website for updates and thanks to Motor1 for the heads up.