Freak Show Friday: For The Love Of Cadillac

Welcome back to Freak Show Friday. This week we feature a superbly done monstrosity. What started as a Cadillac CTS ended up as a !CADILLAC! cts. The owner must know something about Cadillac that escapes up for he or she obviously loves the brand. Or maybe they just love the logo? Probably both since it’s plastered onto the front end like a fried egg in a pan. All we can ask is, “What for the love of Cadillac are you doing?”

They say that the pendulum swings in extremes. We don’t know who “they” are but that’s what they say. For many decades brand logos and badges have been the bane of customizers and regular folks too. One of the most common modifications for any car is to “shave” the emblems. It’s so common it has its own name: shave. 

The pendulum swings in extremes and this freak show Cadillac is extreme in many ways

So, it stands to reason that eventually that pendulum would swing to the opposite extreme, and here we are. If this becomes a trend let’s hope it starts and stops with this one CTS. We wonder what the conditions were for whoever divined this idea to think it was good and then actually follow through with it? Maybe they’re a service writer at Gismert Cadillac? Or maybe just a staff writer for an automotive website? Who knows?

Freak Show Friday Cadillac CTS
Freak Show Friday Cadillac CTS

We’ll give them major props for execution. For as bad of an idea as this is the level of finish appears to be superb in the image. Of course, photos can be deceiving. We wonder if the hubcaps are attached to the spindles so they stay fixed? They must be-at least in this image they would seem to be since they are perfectly level with the ground. Also, if they are, this whole freak show will cause accidents as people take in the grille, color, and giant Cadillac logos fixed on the wheels. 

Does this Cadillac glow in the dark?

Just the color alone might cause a few accidents from its intensity. Could it glow in the dark? We wouldn’t be surprised. If the owner told the shop that did this, “Paint it a nice blue,” and then left for a vacation in the Bahamas was he or she surprised when they saw it? Or, got what they asked for? Here’s a tip: never leave the color for your car up to the painter. This should be a lesson for you as to what can happen. 

They also say everything is bigger in Texas and wouldn’t you know it this Cadillac resides in Texas. Does this all make a little more sense? It had to have been Texas or Florida, right?

A Cadillac emblem on a car
The Cadillac emblem | DON EMMERT/AFP via Getty Images

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What is perfection?

Finally, they say there’s an ass for every seat. “They” say a lot of stuff we repeat for Freak Show Friday. Anyway, as much as this is not your or my cup of tea somebody is quite proud of their custom Cadillac. The outrageousness and utter disregard for established automotive norms make this one for the books. As long as they’re happy and we never lay eyes on this ever again, then the world is a perfect place. 

And for us, perfection is only as good as our memory for the sooner we forget this bad blue bomb the better.