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Recent trends in the automobile industry show future vehicles, including trucks and SUVs, will be electric. Many countries globally have shifted to EV development. For instance, the European Commission recently voted to ban the sale of diesel and gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

Similarly, the Chinese government is pushing for electric vehicles (EV) to account for 20% of vehicle sales by 2025. The US refused to be left behind as well since president Biden was elected. The nation is now witnessing significant strides in EVs. The good news is that the EV revolution is catching up worldwide, and Worksport is taking the lead.

Who is Worksport

A line of trucks in various colors.
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Worksport Limited and its subsidiaries develop, create, and manufacture different tonneau covers, hydrogen-based green energy solutions, and solar integrations for clean energy and automotive industries. The company’s tonneau covers are ideal for different budgets and usages. These truck bed covers include latches, panels, and material tonneaus.

Worksport is capitalizing on the shifting mindset toward clean energy to promote its solar-based solutions to automakers. The company’s core objective is to be the original global equipment manufacturer (OEM).

One of its recent innovations is the tonneau solar charging truck bed cover, also called TerraVis. This truck bed cover traps solar energy and stores it in capacity battery packs called COR or mobile energy storage systems. The tonneau works as a cover for the pickup truck’s bed. According to Autoblog, the portable battery bank will have the capacity to hold 1.5 kilowatts. 

Worksport’s innovation could result in authentic mobile EV charge stations independent of the electric grid, which was not possible before. According to Business Insider, Worksport plans to launch a subsidiary company by the name TerraVis Energy Inc. as part of its expansion plan driven by the increased demand for clean energy products. 

Partnerships between Worksport and automakers

After introducing the solar-powered tonneaus for trucks, Worksport advances this technology to different automobile companies. Previously the company has partnered with Hercules and Atlis to create a tonneau system for their pickup trucks. After laying a solid foundation for its innovative clean energy products, Worksport has approached several automotive manufacturers seeking out partners for their solar integration programs.

Currently, the company is engaging several global automotive manufacturers to win OEM contracts. The company contracts with automotive manufacturers may include the TerraVis system and the conventional covers.

Because of Worksport’s commitment to creating compelling sustainable energy products, it will remain a leader in the upcoming all-electric era. Fortunately, major global car brands have outlined their plans to move entirely to electric fleets by 2030.

Most of the world’s largest automakers, including General Motors, Volkswagen, and Ford, have announced their efforts to increase EV investments and could be potential partners to Worksport. Because of the company’s solar-powered tonneau truck covers, it’s already addressing the limitations of EVs, including charging time and range, and it will be a game-changer in the EV revolution.


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According to The Shop, Worksport entered into a contract with Atlis Motor Vehicles to create a tonneau solar charging system for their Atlis XT Electric pickup truck. Following the agreement, both companies will start working together immediately by integrating their design and engineering departments to configure a TerraVis solar truck bed system able to recharge power from its integrated solar panels. This partnership is the second agreement Worksport has initiated with a US-based truck manufacturer to become its partner and create solar tonneaus for their forthcoming all-electric pickup trucks.

Worksport also signed an agreement with Hercules Electric Mobility Incl to make TerraVis tonneau covers for its electric pickups. Based on this agreement, Worksport will be the tier one OEM supplier for Hercules Alpha electric pickup that is yet to be released. The new pickup truck from Hercules has already received more than $27 million in customer reservations even before its release. This agreement between Worksport and Hercules is estimated to generate about $70 million for the tonneau manufacturer.

Worksport is working with Hyundai on their Santa Cruz pickup truck

As some companies plan to install solar panels on their pickup truck beds, Hyundai has partnered with Worksport for its solar tonneau covers and a COR energy storage system for its Santa Cruz pickups. Although the companies did not get into the specifics during the signing of the agreement, the solar covers will be able to generate about 650 watts. The new development will be a significant step toward the automakers’ carbon neutrality journey and adoption of renewable energy.