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So you’re configuring a new pickup truck and torn between a common pickup truck color and a unique special edition color. But you’re worried about hurting your truck’s resale value. Well, I can’t tell you which colors you will and won’t get sick of. But I can tell you that vehicles in unique colors often depreciate less over three years. A special edition color may actually improve your truck’s resale value.

How much does a pickup truck depreciate?

According to, the average pickup truck will depreciate 15.6% over its first three years. This means it will lose $7,786 of value. Before you say that’s a lot, know that the average vehicle loses $9,674–or 22.5%. Pickup trucks’ reputation for durability likely boosts their long-term value.

A Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro pickup truck painted in a unique special-edition lime green color parked at the top of a mountain
2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro in “Electric Lime Metallic” | Toyota

The same website claims that Toyotas hold their value best. After five years, the average Toyota Tundra resale will be 80.5% of its MSRP, while a Tacoma will hold at 86.2%. Next is the Jeep Gladiator value (77%) and the Honda Ridgeline (76.4%). The GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado keep similar values (74.5% and 72.9%)

In fact, midsize trucks hold their value much better than most full-size trucks. The second/third best full-size is the GMC Sierra 1500/Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (69.3% and 69.0%). Then the Ford F-150 comes in at 68.3%.

How much does a white, black, or silver pickup truck depreciate?

White, black, gray, and silver are by far the most common pickup truck colors. A used truck buyer doesn’t have to search hard for any of these colors, so none of them is especially valuable on the used market. In fact, white and gray are the only ones that depreciate slightly less than average.

Special edition Jeep SUV and truck in unique Gobi beige color, a lake visible in the background.
2022 Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler in “Gobi” | Stellantis

Remember, the average pickup truck loses 15.6% of its value in just three years. The average white or gray truck loses 15.1% of its value. You can expect a black truck, on the other hand, to lose 16.1% of its value. The color that loses the most value over three years is actually silver: 16.5%.

What pickup truck color has the highest resale value?

Technically beige colored pickup trucks lose the least value over three years (7.9%). Second place goes to orange (10.9%). And green claims third (11.6%).

Four off-road Toyota TRD Pro trucks and SUVs parked with trees in the background.
2023 Toyota TRD Pro 4x4s in “Solar Octane” | Toyota

Why do these colors do so well? There are certain shades of each color that are the signature of a high trim-level truck. So the reason they hold so much value may actually be as much about the make/model/trim as the color itself.

Let’s start with beige. That’s not an especially common color but it has become synonymous with off-roading trims such as the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro and the Jeep Gladiator Mojave. And remember, the Toyotas and Gladiators hold their value better than any other trucks.

Orange and green are rare colors you can’t get in every make/model. Whether it’s Hemi orange, Ram’s olive green, or Toyota’s neon green, they catch your eye. I could see a buyer attracted to one of these colors willing to pay a premium for a rare truck wearing it.

There are even more niche colors, limited to a specific make and model, that may be too rare to even show up in these resale statistics. But if they are colors that fans of your make/model are familiar with, they may command a premium. So if you want to buy a high-vis color, don’t let resale value stop you. In fact, the right custom color could boost the truck’s resale value. Will you get sick of neon green within three years? Well, that’s between you and your truck.

Interestingly, other unique but less-rare colors, such as red and blue, appreciate more than average. See how all the colors break down by depreciation in the table below:

Color3-Year DepreciationAvg Value Lost

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