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The flagship Ram pickup is the 702-horsepower supercharged TRX truck. This is a trophy-truck-inspired supertruck ready for high-speed desert racing. It is not only the most powerful internal combustion truck, but it is one of the coolest and most capable pickups on the planet. But if you are going to shell out for the $84k TRX, you want your truck to stand out. Here’s how to configure a TRX that is both eye-catching and uniquely yours.

Avoid the pre-configured packages

A blue Ram TRX truck skids across an off-road trail, mountains and a cloud of dust visible in the background.
2022 Ram 1500 TRX | Stellantis

Ram has offered several special editions of its TRX super truck. While the Launch Edition TRX is no more, you can still order the Ignition Edition or Sandblast Edition. Both special edition TRX trucks offer an exclusive color and add $9,200 to the truck’s price.

The TRX Ignition Edition comes in a two-tone paint scheme, black down low and Ignition Orange up top. It also has unique black wheels with a machined face. Inside, it matches this color with orange accent stitching. It also boasts carbon fiber interior accents and a special edition console badge. On its bed, a TRD logo calls out its trim level.

The TRX Sandblast Edition comes in a mono-tone Mojave Sand tan paint. Its rims are beadlock-capable aluminum units. It also features an all-black bumper applique. Inside, it offers a light frost accent stitching and its own special edition console badge.

You could order either of these special editions for an eye-catching TRX truck. But the result would not be unique to you. Luckily, Ram offers many elements of these special edition Ram 1500 TRX’s for you to custom order.

Your eye-catching custom TRX deserves TRX graphics

Promo photo of the supercharged Ram 1500 TRX super truck parked on a 4x4 trail, a row of trees in the background.
2022 Ram 1500 TRX | Stellantis

Ram Trucks offers a special configurator for its TRX truck. The automaker will apply the custom graphics from both the Sandblast Edition TRX and Ignition Edition TRX to any TRX truck. Under “Stripes & Decals” you can select the “TRX hood graphics” for your hood or the “TRX exterior graphics” for your pickup bed. Or you can even choose both.

This is especially important because the new Ram 1500 Rebel package includes a very TRX-like grille: setting a TRX apart requires some special callouts.

Next, you have several eye-catching colors to choose from. Unfortunately both Mojave Sand and Ignition Orange are limited to special edition TRX trucks. But similar “high impact” colors are Flame Red and Hydro Blue. Both are eye catching, and both will be more uniquely yours than the special edition colors.

Off-road accessories can complete a Ram TRX truck

The bed of Ram's surprisingly drivable TRX super truck with its Hellcat engine.
2022 Ram 1500 TRX | Stellantis

Ram made a splash with its first “TRX Rebel” concept truck. It was truly a trophy truck in Ram 1500 form. One of the most eye-catching aspects of the Hellcat-powered concept was its Ram bar rollbar and bed-mounted spare tires. These tires looked like something from Baja or Dakar. And luckily, Ram is offering them as add-ons for any TRX.

Under “Tires Option” you can choose a “bed-mounted tire-carrier” and Ram will install a spare tire, at an angle, in the back of your TRX. This gives it a ready-for-anything look sure to make other TRX owners look twice.

Under “Pickup Box Features” you can select the “RamBar.” This is sort of black rollbar that Ram will install directly behind the cab. Not only is it a distinct 4×4 accessory, but it is an excellent place to someday mount off-roading lights.

You also can get the most off-road-ready rims on any TRX truck. These are the beadlock-capable aluminum wheels from the Sandlbast Edition. They include a series of bolts you can use to clamp your tires in place before you drop the PSI for rock crawling and similar 4×4 adventures.

Finally, you can select either orange accent stitching or the red accents for a TRX truck interior as eye-catching as its exterior. Next, read about great Ram 1500 TRX alternatives or see Ram’s flagship TRX truck reviewed in the videos below:


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