Which RVs Hold Their Value Best?

RVs are gateways to adventure, but financing a new one isn’t so fun. As you’re shopping around, one thing to keep in mind is that new RVs or motorhomes tend to depreciate rapidly in the first year of ownership. So you might be wondering: which RVs hold their value best?

The type of RVs that hold their value best 

The exterior of a black 2021 Thor Motor Coach Tellaro Class B RV
The 2021 Thor Motor Coach Tellaro on display | Photo via Thor Industries

We recently talked about the latest RVs and motorhome trends based on a  beginner’s guide from Consumer Reports. As CR highlighted, the RV industry is booming as vacationers seek ways to travel that don’t involve airports or cruise ships. You may want a Class A RV for an extremely luxurious experience or a Class C model for something cheaper. But if resale is your top priority, you’ll want to consider a Class B RV.

Based on CR’s data, Class B models tend to hold their value better than most RVs. Another plus is that Class B models can be both practical and lavish. Class B RVs are also considered the safest type of motorhomes and are easier to drive. Newer models have advanced safety features like regular vans, including blind-spot monitoring and forward-collision warning. 

The most popular Class B Rvs are built on either a Mercedes-Benz, Ford, or Ram chassis. They typically sleep up to two people, but some models can accommodate four. CR notes that Class B models are expensive for their size as they range from $85,000 and upwards of $150,000. But if safety and value are what you’re after, these “traveling coaches” are the way to go. 

What is the most popular Class B RV?

A 2021 24GT parked in a driveway.
The 2021 Interstate 24GT | Airstream

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Airstream is a legendary company with an enticing lineup of RVs. The company’s Interstate line gets credit for being the best-selling Class B diesel motorhome for the last six years. Like many of its rivals, the Airstream’s Interstate 24GT can sleep up to two people. Although, the 24GT provides a more upscale experience than many of its competitors. It has a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 chassis and a 3.0-liter V6 turbo-diesel engine. 

a 24GT model with a grieve interior.
2021 Interstate 24GT | Airstream

The 24GT features five luxurious decor options, including laminate and real-wood cabinetry. It comes with a chic kitchen that includes a drawer microwave and refrigerator/freezer. You’ll also appreciate the 24GT for its modern bathroom that consists of a sink, shower, toilet. This Airstream begins at $190,447. 

Winnebago is a winning option too

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Winnebago Industries remains one of the top options in the motorhome realm. One of Winnebago’s most popular Class B models is its Revel RV. This Winnebago is distinguished by its 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine and on-demand four-wheel drive. Like the 24GT, the current Revel has a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. The Revel’s drivetrain is ideal for those who want to venture off-road. 

In addition to its adventuresome qualities, the Revel is quite accommodating on the inside. It has an all-in-one gear closet and wet bath, which includes a cassette toilet. Other amenities include a kitchen with an induction cooktop, refrigerator, and pantry. Furthermore, there’s a cute dinette space with a removable pedestal table. The starting price for a new Revel is $185,838.