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In the late 1980s, a company called EMC decided that what “upscale” RV-ers really needed was one that had the face of a Lincoln Mark VII. And for three years it built them. Called the Eldorado Starfire RV, EMC pumped these beauties out from 1987 to 1989. Now one has popped up for sale

Was there anything more “upscale” than the Eldorado RV?

1987 Eldorado Starfire
1987 Eldorado Starfire RV | Facebook

This was the ne-plus-ultra of the recreational vehicle world. Just as a Cadillac or Lincoln has a certain panache with certain groups, that aura would surely wash over an RV with the same front end as a Mark VII. At least EMC and a few buyers agreed.

And you could get it in two lengths; a 27-footer and a 32-foot behemoth. Lucky you, the one for sale is the longer version. And really, you need the longer one because it was just a bit better because, you know, it’s longer. 

These Eldorado RVs had giant powerplants

1987 Eldorado Starfire
1987 Eldorado Starfire RV | Facebook

All Eldorado Starfire motorhomes were built on an F-350 chassis. Most were powered by Ford’s 6.9-liter V8 diesel with 170 hp and 315 lb-ft of torque. You could also order the huge 460 ci V8  hooked to a C6 automatic transmission. 

That 7.5-liter big-block put out 225 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque. And really, you need this because, you know, it’s bigger. And again, you’re in luck. This one has the honker 460. 

The Eldorado Starfire RV owner took pride in its condition

1987 Eldorado Starfire
1987 Eldorado Starfire RV interior | Facebook

Originally purchased in Illinois, the motorhome has recently had the carburetor rebuilt, and new fluids added. New tires are also a bonus, along with new batteries, and new front shocks. The original owner wants to see his baby go off in style, apparently. 

And while the front end is the icing on the cake, with its faithful approximation of the Mark VIIs face, the interior is the important part. For starters, the inside looks brand new. It is sporting a full-size refrigerator, up-to-date (for 1987) audio equipment, and dual air conditioners for those hot summer drives. 

There is even a built-in vacuum system for cleaning up after partying

1987 Eldorado Starfire
1987 Eldorado Starfire RV dining area | Facebook

The ice-maker and built-in blender beg for an impromptu party at the next RV campground. As another bonus, after a night of frolicking, the central vacuum system makes a quick cleanup of the mess. Further amenities include a roomy bathroom with a shower, a powerful furnace, and tons of storage throughout. All of this is powered by a 500KW Onan generator. 

It seats up to 10 for dinner or 13 passengers with seat belts. Sleeping accommodations for four should seem like the Hilton. Or not. 

Maybe the best part is that this luxury RV has only 22,000 miles on the ticker. That averages out to be a tad over 600-miles a year. The ad says it “runs like new.” After all, it has spent its life stored inside, when not in use. And all of this goodness will set you back only $34,950. If we’ve got you fired up, it is available on Facebook Marketplace, where all of the good stuff ends up. 

1987 Eldorado Starfire
1987 Eldorado Starfire RV | Facebook

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