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The 2022 Kia Telluride is coming off a successful previous model year and looking to continue for 2022. The three-row midsize SUV outperforms rivals with its luxuriousness at a remarkably affordable price. The Telluride is the definition of getting the best bang-for-your-buck, especially in the midsize SUV segment. It needs to get even better if it wants to ride its wave of success into the new model year. What’s Kia adding to the Telluride for 2022?

The 2022 Kia Telluride base model has better standard equipment

Everlasting Silver 2022 Kia Telluride midsize SUV parked in front of a forest
Everlasting Silver 2022 Kia Telluride | Kia

For 2022, the Telluride’s bottom trims, LX and S, get new standard equipment. Firstly, a 10.3-inch touchscreen replaces the old 8.0-inch one, and every Telluride will come with automatic temperature control. In addition, each of the bottom trims now comes with semi-autonomous adaptive cruise control. It uses the vehicle’s navigation system to adjust speeds while driving actively.

Every Telluride trim now also gets advanced driver-assist and safety technology. Features like these not only improve safety in the vehicle but usually help reduce insurance costs as well. The safer you and your vehicle are, the less expensive everything needs to be. Vehicles should always include safety technology in every trim level; why should we pay to be safe?

The 2022 Kia Telluride has a new Kia badge

A 2022 Kia Telluride midsize SUV driving on the road with water on it, what's new for 2022?
2022 Kia Telluride | Kia

You may have heard about the new Kia badge going on all the automaker’s new vehicles. It doesn’t add a single thing to the Telluride; it’s just the visual difference of the new Kia logo. The front grille is restyled for this new model year, where the Kia badge is prominently displayed. The new logo removes the classic logo around the brand name and instead has Kia written with interconnected letters, still in red.

The logo appears on the front grille, steering wheel, and rear of the Telluride. The silver logo written in the center of the all-new black grille looks great. Small features like a fancier logo enhance the sporty look of the Telluride. The classic Kia logo, while acceptable, was in an oval that made it look like a big stamp that always stuck out on vehicles.

How much does it cost?


A Used Kia Telluride Costs More Than a New One

For the 2022 model year, the Kia Telluride is still very affordable. Edmunds calls it the best midsize SUV available, comparing it to only the Hyundai Palisade, with which it shares mechanics. For the best midsize SUV, a starting price of $34,015 after destination fees is fantastic. That’s where the LX base model starts, but even the higher trims aren’t too expensive.

The Kia Telluride S, EX, and SX are the other three trim levels. Each of them takes another step up in price, but the highest trim is still less expensive than many other midsize SUVs. Especially ones with all the standard equipment with which the Telluride comes equipped.

2022 Kia Telluride TrimStarting Price
All prices are after destination fees, according to CarAndDriver.

The 2022 Kia Telluride is one of the best value midsize SUVs on the market. It continues getting high praise, critics’ ratings, and more for the new model year. These new features being standard across all Telluride models means buyers get even more for their money. You can’t go wrong with any trim level, but we’d recommend getting the most for your money with the SX trim.