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Finding and buying a new truck involves a lot of careful consideration and decision making. You’re weighing all the options, capabilities, and available trim levels. You may even test drive every pickup on the lot in your quest to find the ideal fit. What you may want to also consider before you make that truck purchase is the cost of insurance. Insurance coverage is a requirement, and some vehicles can be more expensive annually to cover. In fact, various truck models can present different truck insurance costs. So, what model is the cheapest to insure? We dove in to find out.

Insurance quotes on popular trucks

As it turns out, The Zebra did a lot of the work for us. In a recent article, they featured a list of insurance quotes from several of the big companies, for a variety of truck models.

Their data suggests that, on average, pickups are the cheapest types of vehicles to insure overall, based on a 2018 premium of $1,254. In collecting their coverage quotes for the various models, a comprehensive list of cheapest to most expensive emerged. So which model is the least expensive to insure?

One truck might just save you the most on insurance

There is one pickup, according to The Zebra, that received the most affordable insurance quotes. This truck just so happens to also be the second cheapest on the market in terms of the sticker price.

The 2020 Chevrolet Colorado might need to be at the top of your truck-shopping consideration list. Knowing you can buy a base Colorado for around $22,000, and insure it for around $1,100 a year, it may be the cheapest truck in which to invest.

Safety features and standard equipment affect insurance rates

Insurance premiums are often based on the safety of the vehicle in question. With the 2020 Colorado, you’ll have a hefty roster of standard and available safety options. Six airbags come standard, as does the rearview camera.

If you plan to have secondary drivers, you’ll love the Teen Driver System, also standard on the Colorado. This feature allows you to control and monitor driving habits, audio volume, and truck performance. You can have peace of mind with your purchase, knowing Colorado is both safe to drive, and more affordable to insure because of its equipped safety features.

Building the truck that has precisely what you need

There is a menu of trim levels and packages for Colorado that will help you build-out the perfect amount of truck for you. Choose from three engine variations, including the 200-hp four-cylinder, the 308-hp V6, or the 181-hp turbodiesel.

Whether you’re planning to use your truck as a lifestyle daily-driver, or need it for the occasional off-road 4×4 adventure, Colorado offers the most affordable configurations that excel at both. The key is to save money by not having to buy more truck than you actually need.

Saving money after you buy

You’ll need to find a capable pickup within your budget. But, as you consider the investment, don’t forget about the additional costs aside from the sticker price. Another consideration is fuel efficiency. You might think trucks guzzle more gas.

For Colorado, however, you can enjoy 20 mpg city and 26 mpg highway on the base engine. Bump that highway mpg up to 30 in the Turbodiesel models. So, in addition to being the cheapest to insure, Colorado can be great on gas.

Before you buy your new pickup, take a closer look at some of those additional costs that may affect the ongoing cost of ownership. The 2020 Chevy Colorado might end up at the top of your list in terms of overall savings, considering it’s the second cheapest to buy, very economical on gas, and offers the most affordable quotes for truck insurance.


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